Takita Takita Music Review


Big films come with bigger expectations with many of those turning out to be disappointments. Similarly many small films came with lower expectations and surprised us the most making them memorable. But that require the said film to be successful too otherwise they end up like Aavakaya Biryani, Housefull, Amayakudu or the recent Pappu. Takita Takita too follows similar route as far as music goes. The music here is given by Bobo Sashi who earlier gave music for Bindass.

C’mon C’mon starts off the album with Karthik taking the center stage along with Mirchi Suchithra among the many singers mentioned. The song starts off with guitar strumming and a veena hook that sounds similar to “Enno Enno” from Nenu Meeku Telusa, while the first interlude reminds us off “Dil Khalasse” from Kick. A very peppy number with nice beats sung well by the singers. The second interlude is superb here. Good choreography would certainly elevate the number but won’t make it memorable.

Ishq Hai Yeh, is thankfully as the title suggest, not a Hindi song but a complete Telugu song with that phrase thrown through out at regular intervals. Shreya Ghosal as usual does an amazing job though the song reminds us of Theekuruvi from Kangalal Kaidhi Sei of Rahman. The usage of tabla and harmonium in the first interlude and saxophone in the second interlude followed by trace sounds is very nice and gives the song nice feeling to and imparts soul into it.

A listen into the opening few lines of Mila Mila la immediately takes us back to the guitar backed chorus of “Disturb Cheyaku” from Athidi and “Ila Entha Sepu” from Sasirekha Parinayam. That doesn’t mean the song is copy of those but it looks more like a hybrid version of both. One we get over this déjà vu feel the song however stands on its own mainly due to the second interlude and its ending along with the flute usage which gives us a tremendous feel. Sung by Sathyam in husky voice and he did full justice to this solo number.

Thakita Thakita the title song of the album is sung by Ram with backing vocals by Ujjayini Roy and Ramee. The song carries different flavors to it as it moves along, but it’s the melody part of the song that stays with us rather than the beats.

Manase Ato Ito written by Bhaskar Bhatla follows, marking the return of Karthik in the album again. A melody from start to end, the song is about the first time feeling about falling in love. The singers take the center stage in this song completely with music backing them rather than over powering them. A simple melody song that stays with the listeners even after the song ends.

In Kaneere olikenu we have a Yuvan meets DSP kind of sad song where the singing and orchestration is off Yuvan style while the melody reminds of us sad romantic DSP numbers of old. The song would attract further more if it’s properly used in the cinema.

Takita takita theme is nice and soothing to listen too. Its more like instrumental version of Manase Ato Ito (beginning) and Mila Mila La (ending) with piano accompanied by beautiful orchestration.

A complete surprise of an album, that comes out of nowhere. Bobo Sashi does a great job as a music director in this album. Hope he continues to impress us further too in his future projects. However he needs to take care of the samples and bgm’s used in the songs as there similarities with other popular songs using them are far too obvious, which reduces the impact on the listeners. Highly recommended.


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