@Nartanasala Movie SWOT Analysis (Pre-Review)


Nartanasala Movie Review (SWOT Analysis & Pre-Review).

After the blockbuster Chalo earlier in the year, Naga Shaurya is now coming up with @Nartanasala. It is also going to be a Rom-Com with a strong plot point. @Nartanasala is releasing tomorrow with a decent expectation. The business is career-best means there is a lot of ground to cover. Let us see what the strengths and weaknesses are. Here is a SWOT Analysis.

Nartanasala Movie Review
Nartanasala Movie Review


  1. Obviously, the lead pair will be a major strength particularly Naga Shaurya and his ‘gay antics’. After consecutive failures, now he’s choosing scripts carefully. He’s improving through performance also.


  1. Mahati Sagar music is the biggest plus for @ Nartanasala. Egireney Manasu song already became a blockbuster and one of the bests in recent times.




  1. Teaser of @Nartanasala didn’t impress the audience. A trailer was expected to be out before release, but it didn’t.  There seems to be a lack of visibility as a result.


  1. @Natanasala movie subject looking like it is somewhat related to transgender. If anything is shown against them, they may react to that very seriously.




@ Nartanasala movie did an excellent pre-release business. If it gets positive talk and the repeat audience it will inevitably cross Naga Shaurya’s previous best Chalo and emerges as his career’s best.




At present, Geetha Govindam has occupied in a considerable number of theatres. So, @ Nartanasala may or may not get a good number of theatres. Also, Paper Boy is releasing on 31 August backed by strong distribution. Fierce competition is held between the three for the screenings. But major competition is with Vijay Deverakonda. Need to wait and see whether Naga Shaurya stops Vijay Deverakonda or not. 


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