Maryada Ramanna Movie Review


Maryada Ramanna – Rajamouli’s version of Prayanam

An SS Rajamouli film, the name itself ensures tremendous curiosity and when he is coming after a monumental film like Magadheera the expectations are sure to be sky high. So the director cleverly takes Sunil as hero to reduce such hype and uses the opportunity to make a small film. Does he succeed in his attempt? let’s find out.

Ramu (Sunil) a daily worker in Hyderabad looses his job one day and is left with no other choice but to get money and buy an auto and rejoin his work. He soon becomes aware of his land in village and thinks of selling it in order to get an auto. Little does he know of his past and its consequences which were upon him once he arrived at the village. Raminnedu the head of a faction group and his sons are after Ramu to take revenge, but they have a heart of gold when it comes to taking care of guests. So Ramu unknowingly becomes their guest. During the same time on his journey he befriends Aparna(Saloni) who is none other than daughter of Ramineedu. How Ramu escapes from the house forms the rest of the film.

In concept this is very similar to Chandrashekhar Yeleti’s Prayanam while in Prayanam it was an airport here it’s a house. Maximum part of the film runs in the house and this is where the screenplay power comes to fore when well done. Here though the screenplay as we move forward becomes more and more tiresome as it runs out of steam. In the second half everything becomes repetitive and predictable the fun is all gone as we know what to expect. And this is precisely where the film looses its plot and as a cover up to all the drag the final act happens in a hurry. It looks very rushed leaving final change of heart look forced and fake. What works well in the film are the light hearted moments in the first half during the train travel and Bhrahmaji, who once again shines in a good role. Sunil as Ramu does well. He dances well too in two songs which have been choreographed nicely. MM Keervani covers up for the routine songs with good background music.

Rajamouli the director chooses a novel plot but he faltered this time in screenplay. While screenplays for some of his movies in the past have been poor they have some highly charged emotional scenes which took people attention away from the poor screenplay. This time he couldn’t create the high octane atmosphere which exposes his repetitiveness in screenplay. But technically he continues to impress as this movie is well shot for a small budget movie. His idea of using Ravi Teja for voice over of the cycle was really interesting and evoked tremendous response from the audience.

Maryada Ramanna has been inspired from 1923’s Our Hospitality.

Bottomline: an average fare with good first half and not so good second half while nothing in it for masses.
Screenplay & Direction:3/5
Music & Background Score:3.5/5
Maryada Ramanna Rating:3.25/5

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