Poola Rangadu Movie Review


Sunil’s Poola Rangadu Movie Review

Two warring factions belonging to Konda Reddy and Lala Gowd kill anyone who tries to own 30 acres of land that is centered right in the middle of their properties on either side. Ranga (Sunil) is conned into buying that land. Later when he comes to sell that land to get money for his sister marriage he realizes the war that is happening between the two groups and is struck with one of them.

Ranga in order to get his land tries to unite the two factions by forging a marriage between them but all hell breaks loose when the girl reveals that she loves Ranga instead of Konda Reddy. How Ranga gets the land and how he marries the girl is what our film is all about.

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With Poolarangadu Sunil turns a full fledged mass hero. He dances, fights does comedy and wins the girl by fighting with the baddie. He does it all and he does it with élan. He sacrifices his charm that is being bubbly for this mass image makeover and six packs. This new look does allow him to be closer to the macho mass look but it takes time for one to sink to this look.

After Sunil its Dev Gill who gets the maximum scope to perform. He takes this chance and makes maximum use of it and surely leaves an impression on the audience for his villain act especially in second half where he performs some funny part and then follows it with complete villainy.

Isha Chawla gets a predictable role and she adds nothing from her side to make it memorable. She dances well though.

Pradeep Rawat too gets a big role but its mostly one dimensional till almost the end where he tries to perform some emotional scenes. He is alright.

Ali gets a big role after some time and he shines in all the scenes he is present. Satyam Rajesh and Prithvi they all get their moments in the first half of the film.

Sunil dances and comic timing
Comedy in first half of the film (Esp. Bheemavaram English and Hindi episode)

Gets repetitive after a point
Melodrama in second half

First half of the film is long compared to the second but it feels breezy and entertaining thanks to the comedy it provides. Especially some of the scenes just before the third song are rip-roaringly hilarious. Second half of the film takes a serious turn and makes an otherwise short second half seem long. But it’s still fine and doesn’t drag too much. For the masses the climax provides just the right hero elevation followed by Sunil’s sick pack look and fight.

Direction by Veerabhadram is fast paced in the first half. He gets the comedy punches right. The screenplay is fine for the two acts but the final act is just passable. Music by Anup Rubens is fine for the kind of film they have made. Cinematography by Prasad Murella is ok.

Bottom line: Watch it for its entertaining first half if not for Sunil’s sincere performance.
Rating – 3.25/5

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