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The story of the film is  fairly simple one and we have known this ever for a long time too. Nani (Nani) and Bindu (Samantha) love each other despite Bindu not being vocal about it. Meanwhile Sudeep (Kiccha Sudeep) lusts Bindu and wants her at any cost. When he becomes aware of this budding love story he snaps it without any remorse.

But fate has a different plan for as Nani is reborn as Eega and thus in the form of he takes revenge. How Eega takes revenge and what the climax of this film is what the entire film is all about.



When it comes to performances its just one man show and it’s by Sudeep. He plays a lustful villain with precise control. His character lusts but it’s not vulgar, his character gets irritated but doesn’t get on our nerves, and his character is over the top but doesn’t become a buffoon. And Sudeep nails all of these with a pitch perfect performance that surely merits an award.

Samantha has the next most screen time and she plays her usual self but it’s only in Eega she gets a longer part as heroine after her debut. Nothing to write about acting as she just has to look cute and ‘aww’ inducing.

Finally Nani plays the main part but as it’s in the form of a fly he doesn’t get much to do. For the initial portions that he is present he certainly evokes a response and general connect with the audience. If this connect was not made the film would have fallen flat and hence he does deserve a mention even if he has very less screen time.

Among the rest none manage to make an impression except Tagubotu Ramesh who even with two small scenes leaves an impact.



Splendid VFX

Background score



Drags in the second half

Climax could have been crispier


The film takes its time initially to showcase the bond between the lead pair. While it’s slow and at times boring it lays the emotional foundation on which the entire film is build upon and hence despite its slowness its essential and director has done a neat job with it.

Post the killing and arrival of Eega the film picks up and races ahead with its often amusing and fresh screenplay. Interval is very well conceived and executed.

Post interval the film dips both on the screenplay level and freshness level as things start to get repetitive. But even among these repetitive scenes the director weaves few scenes which give the audience solid punch, like the scene where Eega reveals itself as Nani to Bindu (Samantha). But barring few such scenes the second half largely drags with a stretched climax. But everything is very expertly executed and that makes us glued to the screens for the first time for sure.

Director SS Rajamouli deserves a pat on his back for what he done with the VFX in the film. When it comes to the actual storytelling it’s a cake walk for the director as he has dealt with all the emotions previously in all his films in exactly the same circumstances. All he had to do was change the set up which he has done wonderfully well once again, this time by introducing the Eega through the VFX.

Leaving aside the storytelling aspect the director deserves a special mention for the world class special effects he has got for the film. It surely has taken the Telugu cinema standards to new level as far as VFX are concerned.

After the Director and Sudeep the person who deserves the maximum applause for the film is not surprisingly once again music director MM Keeravani. If director gets the wonderful visuals and actor breath life into it, MM Keeravani provides the soul of the film.

Cinematography is first rate. Editing is fine but could have been sharper. Choreography is all right.


Bottom-line: it’s an average movie but in the hands of SS Rajamouli it becomes awesome movie.

 Rating: 3.75/5


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