Sai Dharam Tej’s Solo Brathuke So Better SWOT Analysis


Let’s checkout the SWOT of Supreme Star Sai Dharam Tej’s next movie SBSB, in our exclusive Solo Brathuke So Better Review (SWOT)

After a very long gap of over eight months, Telugu cinema is finally witnessing a theatrical release.

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s Solo Brathuke So Better is hitting the cinemas on December 25th for Christmas holidays.


The theatrical operations in Telugu states have resumed from the past couple of weeks, but it is Solo Brathuke So Better which will give an indication regarding the mood of the general public.

Its release itself is a bold and critical step towards the recovery of the film industry.

Lets see what are the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of Supreme Star Sai Dharam Tej’s next movie SBSB, in Solo Brathuke So Better Review (SWOT)


Obviously, the first thing that comes on our mind is Solo Brathuke So Better being the first significant release in the post-corona period.

1. The prolonged absence works to the advantage of the movie as the audience is entertainment starved.

The target audience for Solo Brathuke So Better is the youth or those who feel so at heart.

It is the segment which is most likely to set out of pandemic induced lockdown to cinemas.

2. The promise of a rocking entertainment [Click Here To Watch Trailer] made for the big screen.

3. The songs by SS Thaman are well received and also helped in keeping Solo Brathuke So Better fresh despite so many months of delay.

4. Sai Dharam Tej is coming off a career-high in Prati Roju Pandage, the biggest hit so far featuring him.



1. Solo Brathuke So Better is handled by Subbu, a debutant. It leaves a little hesitation in the minds of the viewer.

The fact that no big heroes have worked with newcomer directors in the recent past adds to the belief.

2. The mood of the audience can’t be gauged beforehand.

3. Despite the promise of entertainment, the plot and treatment of Solo Brathuke so Better give a routine vibe. It could prove to be a detriment if the same turns out to be true.


1. Success here will give a hat-trick for Sai Dharam Tej. After a disastrous phase, the actor bounced back with Chitralahari and Prathi Roju Pandage. Another hit will increase the trust of the audience in Sai Dharam Tej’s subject selection.

2. Create a place in the history books as the movie that initiated the revival of Telugu cinema post-pandemic.

3. Nabha Natesh can score back to back success, and increase her profile as an actress.


1. There are no threats to Solo Brathuke So Better except the fear of pandemic. Until the movie opens, one is not sure how the audience will react to it.

2. The fifty percent occupancy rule shortens the commercial prospects.

So, That’s our exclusive Solo Brathuke So Better Review (SWOT). Keep checking this space for the review and box office collections.

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