SMS Movie Review


SMS Movie Review

Two strangers Shiva and Shruthi meet on a train journey to Hyderabad. On the journey they fake their real identities and this leads to a quarrel between them. The quarrel between the two leads to many funny incidents which follow one after the other and eventually all the fun ends in love without them realizing it. However their ego combined with some childish pranks leads to a separation. Do they meet together in the end keeping aside their ego is what the film is all about.

The film is filled with a lot of characters and most of them shine as much as the lead pair and sometimes even more. Its there combined work that gives the film all of its entertaining moments, which by the way are aplenty.

Sudheer Babu who debuts as hero with this movie has the physique of a mass star and dances or rather acrobats well which would help him in his future outings for sure. But his voice is a big dampener as it feels like a kid’s voice for such personality. There seems to be a mismatch which needs to be sorted out in future. Also he needs to work on his histrionics and lot and control himself from being hyper active.

As far as actress Regina goes it’s a dream debut in way as how many heroines in the film industry would get a first film which offers a decent role to heroine forget about any performance. For a first timer she does her job well. Some of the expressions though are reminiscent of Ileana although she lacks her physicality.

Among others RJ Chanti as hero’s sidekick does an amazing job in this film. He is the show stealer in many scenes and leaves the audience wanting for more.

Rohini as mother of Shiva goes overboard but is nonetheless effective and does create an impact when required. Tagubothu Ramesh in a cameo is hilarious and Vennela Kishore too provides few laughs.

Fast paced first half and good climax
Some unexpected scenes and punches
Character artists and heroine

All songs barring one
Hero’s acting and voice
Pre climax

The film is a fun watch in the lines of Ullasanga Utsahanga where the hero is minus. Kudus to the director Tatineni Satya for keeping the film light for most of the part without being too melodramatic. For a love story the songs ought to evoke feelings here music by Selva Ganesh lacks that feel barring a song which is reused from the original as it is. Also the picturization of the songs to showcase the ‘acrobatic skills’ of the lead hero doesn’t gel with the overall flow of the film. Despite these short comings the film has enough moments of fun that warrant an easy one time watch.

Bottomline: Watch it for some hilarious scenes and heroine.
Rating: 3.25/5

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