Simha Movie Review


Simha – For hardcore action moviegoers.

With Balakrishna disappointing film after film one wishes that he would finally see a success of some form or another for an actor like balakrishna deserves much better than being taken for ride by junk directors. In boyapati sreenu he gets a director who finally understands the strengths and weakness of him thus creating the best opportunity to showcase his strengths. Result we finally get to see balakrishna roaring in his all inimitable style if only for few moments.

Balakrishna plays a professor in college who is ready to bash anyone who does wrong in campus or outside. He gives lecture of society when ever he beats up somebody and feels bad for society. Sneha ullal joins the same collage and on the very first day helps Srimannarayana bust drug racket in the collage. She falls for him for his bravery and goodness. one day when she is chased by the goons laxinarsimham helps her and in the process comes to know her background and her enimies.

Another balakrishna plays a doctor. He saves bobbili village from the tyranny of villains. Kotasreenivasa rao the head of the villains don’t take this lightly and he along with his three sons plan to kill narasimham,who is on a rampage killing or in his words eradicating the evil from the village. It is later revealed that laxminarayana is his heir and sneha ullal is related to villains. How all this comes to an end forms the rest of the story.

Director boyapati srinu chooses a pretty done to death story and loads it with a fight for every ten minutes. A fight is followed by some jokes and song which again leads to a fight. This time though he has taken ample care to not make the fights look comic which off late has been happening a lot with balakrishna movies, resulting in blood socked and bone crunching fights. But as the movie progresses the fights just seem to never end with the same choreography in all the fights leading to boredom.

Balakrisha looks aged in the young professors role as laxminarayana but he is in his elements as dr narasimham the god like human being for the village. The director has taken lot of care to not let him overreact and made him act with restraint for major part of the film. Sneha ulla has very less to do and namitha is there just for two songs. Among others only nayanatara has denet role though short but she does well. Rest do their routine. The comedy is vulgar and fights which are aplenty are pretty violent in nature which are not for weak hearted. Only one song makes an impact and that comes at the very beginning which doesn’t help the matter either. Background music is good though pretty loud. Editing could have been better and film could have been better if shorter by fifteen minutes. The dialogues are good at places but again very vulgur wonder how the censors passed such indecent words, its shocking to say the least.

Overall the movie is for the masses and for people who like bone crunching fist fights and fights every ten minutes. They would appreciate it initially but on a longer run it would be difficult for the film to sustain. Families would find it very vulgar for maximum part of the movie. Fans well they can be happy that the film is far from being utter crap and hence be satisfied very much.

Bottom Line: For masses and fans.

Trade Report: Movie opened with tremendous positive talk. It may end up as a super hit

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