Sikindar Music Review – Not Enough Bang



Yuvan Shankar Raja is a fantastic music director without any doubt. He has shown great versatility over the years wherein he has given the blockbuster variety albums and different fresh music kind too in kinds of set up. However off late he is consistent in the same way he has been few years ago. It is an on and off case for him. Let us see which Yuvan turns up for this big venture.


Bang Bang begins the album on a solid note. The number is a winner from the word go. There are some problems lyrically in Telugu which gives it a clear dubbed feeling though. One gets a mixed feeling listening to Thanu Gorantha. The recurring opening stanza is poor but the interludes and rest of the song is fine. Ek Do Theen is typical mass Yuvan number that is done right. The problem here is the heard before feel it evokes and the strong Tamil flavor. It’s the same with Chirunavvey Specialty but unlike the previous number this feels more dependent on the music video to work. Nene Kani Nenai Undaga is a sufi styled love balled from Yuvan. Nothing exceptional here again but it works after few listens. The lyrics are poor again which brings down the overall effect of the film.

Overall Sikindar has in parts all the elements that make for a good Yuvan Shankar Raja album. But barring a number or two, these elements don’t come together to make a memorable album or even a chart-buster album. It feels as if the album has been lazily composed with not much effort being put into it. Or maybe it could be that the makers didn’t want anything exceptional and just a passable album which the music director has delivered.


Our picks: Bang Bang, Ek Do Theen

Rating: 2.5/5


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