Satya Dev’s Latest Movie Guvva Gorinka Review


Satyadev Guvva Gorinka Movie Review

So, what is the movie about?

It is about a boy and a girl who fall in love.

Isn’t this very routine? What is the novelty here?

Well for starters, they have contrasting characters.
The other big novel factor is they don’t ‘see’ each other even though they live under the same roof.

Haven’t we seen that before?

Yes, we have, so even that isn’t anything novel actually. But, given what we have here, it can be said so.

Ok, fine. What happens next? Is there more to it?

And that’s it. The boy and girl have had a little misunderstanding and how they come together is our narrative.


What that’s it? How would anyone watch it? Are the screenplay and performances so good to keep one engaged?

No, the screenplay is pretty basic and ordinary. The story should be complete without much trouble in an hour itself.
But to extend it, the narrative consists of two additional subplots. The good thing is they are throughout well in connection to the primary track, but the execution is very silly.

The performances are all poor overall barring the known faces which include the lead actor Satyadev. He looks superb with great ease and exudes confidence throughout. The same is true of Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna etc. But, the latter has weak roles.

The heroine Priya Raj is a weak link. She lacks the spark and spontaneity required for the role and to generate chemistry with the hero.

What about writing?

Not that decent writing would have done any good, but at least it could have avoided the movie being boring. Guvva Gorinka has very generic dialogues. It has, therefore, no real drama or excitement to make an audience glued to the proceedings.

Are there any positives at all?

Apart from Satyadev, music by Suresh Bobili is the only other positive aspect. It genuinely gives a soothing feel.

What about other technical departments?

The cinematography is at a basic short film level. To mask it up colour grading has been done extensively. By that we mean the brightness has been increased a lot. It reminds us of the TV screens with high brightness and low contrast. The editing is terrible. The narrative feels like disjointed pieces stitched together which are about to fall off.

And your bottom line is?

Guvva Gorinka is a boring and instantly forgettable affair. Watch real-life Guvva and Gorinka for few minutes and it would be a more relieving and relaxing experience.

Rating: 1/5

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