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After several break up’s respectively Raja (Sarwanand) and Priya (Seerath Kapoor) find love in each other. But there is a problem here, Priya’s father, he is a Police Commissioner and is not in favor of this marriage. Additionally he also has a case which is taking a toll on him. One fine day he comes up with a plan that mixes both these parallel tracks into one. Who, what and why orchestrated the plan is the overall story of the film.


Sarwanand is absolute delight in the film. May be its the long absence or the crispy cool presentation, whatever it is he comes off so breezy and fresh on screen with his timing and performance. Despite no overtly emotional stuff being done this performance would rank among the best of the actor.

Whatever has been said about hero can be said about the villain Sampath too. The character and the performance is far cry from anything that he has done so far in Telugu cinema. It is the fun aspect in this character that makes it special, although the menacing act does feel repetitive.

In terms of screen time Seerath Kapoor has the third best character. But she fails to make full use of it. She is fine in few scenes on the whole but overall fails to make the character endearing with the footage and scope she had got. It is not completely her fault though.

Rest of the actors like Kota Srinivas Rao, Jayaprakash and comedians like Vennela Kishore, Ali are under utilized and Vidyu Raman scares instead of providing laughs.


First half of second half


Popular short film maker Sujeeth makes his directorial debut with the film Run Raja Run. Unlike many others who have come through this route, Sujeeth actually seems to have a basic understanding of the bigger cinematic medium and mounts his film such that ‘short-film’ symptoms aren’t spilled on big screen.

Coming to the positives first, he dialogues are good and the scenes are conceived with lots of energy. It spills onto the narrative and makes it engaging and interesting to watch. Since the comedy here involves some fresh writing the overall impact too gives us a fresh vibe through out.

And now the problems. The debut director seems to have got carried away a bit by the energy of the moment. Realizing the comedy working well, he has overdone it taking away the focus from the basic plot of the movie. The narrative then goes for a toss as well as it oscillates between a rom-com, thriller and drama. All these different elements don’t come together as whole to give the ultimate knock out punch it could have delivered. Instead all we get is a low hanging fruit that just skims the surface in terms of emotions.

The technical crew of the film is pretty impressive and they all do good job in their respective areas. Music and background score by Ghibran is very good. Cinematography is cool and it gives the film its breezy vibe. Editing overall is fine.

Bottom-line: make time for little r(f)un

Rating: 3/5


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