RTs Veera Music Review


Ekkadekkada stars the album on a familiar note. Familiarity here arises due to the music which seem to be heard before, in this case it looks to be heavily inspired by Okkadante Okkade from Ragada. The female voice of Ramya reminds one of Anushka Manchandani. However in spite of familiar feel the song works due to the curious lyrics and easy on ears with good foot tapping beats orchestration.

O Meri Bhavri is once again a typical S Thaman number with absolutely no novelty at all. The song can be heard purely for the vocals which gives us an energy, generated through the singing.

Kathik croons the number Chitti Chitti which on first listening can be mistaken for a song from the Kick. The beats and orchestration are that similar to the numbers from Kick that one gets a feeling that the song must have been left over from that album.

Chinnari sees Karthik sing another song for the album. This song is short and melancholic in nature which is perfectly made for Karthik. He makes this song worthwhile with his rendition, although the tune is pretty flat.

Hossanam sung by Ranjith and Roshini is undoubtedly the song of the album. The tune is instantly addictive and makes one press the repeat button immediately. The interludes and orchestration with female humming gives the song a nice feel. This is a song that will stay with linger on the listeners mind even after its finished.

Mavilla Thota Lo remix is good and Thaman just adds the required beats to make it foot tapping for the current generation without going retro. Guitar work for the song is very good. Its not a shameful remix that’s the least on can say about this song.

Veera Veera is the last song of the album and it makes sure the album ends on a energetic note. The music once again is repetitive and reminds one of the previous tunes of the music director especially Brindavanam. But in spite of its repetitiveness the song is worth a listen for its foot tapping beats and energetic rendition by the singers.

Overall the album is a satisfying listen if one keeps aside the repetitiveness of the tunes. The album is definitely better than Anjaneyulu from the same combo but falls short of both Kick and Mirapakai as a whole with only one song Hossanam being the standout song from the album.

Rating: 3.25/5

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