RP Patnaik's Broker Movie Review


Broker – Makes a good deal with audience
Rating – 4/5
This year has been a year for small films as all the big ones disappointed. R P Patnaik’s Broker also falls into that small gem category.

Broker a term which has over the years become synonym for an derogatory word finds its true meaning here i.e. a lobbyist. The films tells the story of one such broker and how he manipulates the system around us which eventually effects his own life as he too is part of the system.

The films starts off slowly and seems disjointed at the beginning but eventually every arc is fully covered and leaves us satisfied. It deals with people from different spheres of lives ranging from politicians to businessman to administrative side. The film then showcases how a power broker breaks through all these spheres at different levels and makes money and in this process goes on to effect the lives of common man who have absolutely no connect with the broker dealing.

The story has a universal appeal in terms of its setting as people would encounter brokers in different walks of their lives almost on regular basis. However a few comedy episodes could have been eliminated especially the one involving Dharmavarapu Subhramanyam. It doesn’t gel well with the rest of the film.

Everyone performs to their potential and few dialogues are heart touching that’s sure to leave us moist eyed. Srihari gets wonderful lines in the second half of the film and he delivers them well. Gollapudi Maruti Rao gets a wonderful character and does justice to it. Kota Sreenivas Rao too gives another fantastic performance. Suresh in small role does well too. Others have small characters but everyone makes their characters believable to the extent that that we feel we must have seen such characters around us.

Finally the movie belongs to one man R P Patnaik. He dons different roles in the film as actor, director, music director and provides story too. He should be commended for his honest attempt. He may be short on histrionics level but the sincerity with which he enacts and wonderfully written material creates the right impact which strikes a chord with the viewers.

Bottomline: Do watch it and make the New Year memorable

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