Robo Review


Rajnikanth-Shankar-Rahman, last time when the trio came together they created a box office sensation called Sivaji. Three years later the team returns with another sensation called Robo. The combination, budget coupled with the huge promotion has raised the expectations to an all time high. Will the team recreate the magic will the team live up to the hype lets find out?

The story isn’t much of an importance here very much like Sivaji. It’s all about entertainment. For those who are still interested in story it’s about the humanoid Chitti created by Dr Vaseekaran and how it functions when in good and bad hands respectively forms the story. As said above the story takes a backseat for the grand visual spectacle that the team promised. Hence we see robot dance, fight and do all that is humanly impossible. While all this is still entertaining in the first half post intermission things begin to drag till the climax. The climax however is the biggest payoff of the movie and something which only the team of Rajni and Shankar can pull off.

When it comes to performances, its Rajnikanth show all the way. He is present in every frame of the movie from start to finish. Although his regular intro and punch dialogues are missed his portrayal of Chitti the evil robo covers up for all those lacking. He revels in the evil Chitti character. It’s this performance of his that hooks the audience post intermission when things begin to drag. Aishwarya Rai is just relegated to the backseat as a role but she comes to her own during the song sequences with her mesmerizing dances which leaves the audience wanting for more. She is also at her glamorous best here after a long time. Dany Denzompga has very less screen time; however he makes his presence felt whenever he is on screen. Others are just used as fillers and have nothing to do.

Direction by Shankar is what makes this film. It’s his vision. Again it’s not the storyteller in Shankar who does the job but the technician in him. He is to be appreciated for the grand visual spectacle that he has provided on screen. Music by AR Rahman sounds better with visuals attached. The background music is very good too. Cinematography by Ratnavelu is superb. Set designs for the songs are very innovative giving them a very colorful look. Editing is neat.

The visual effects and the sfx team need a special mention. They have done brilliant job. It’s the best we have seen in Indian films so far.

Finally the film is a must watch once for the visuals alone. A good first half with a good climax seals the deal at box office.

Rating: 3.25/5

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