Dongala Muta Movie Review


Dongala Muta – RGV’s Childs play

Barely have we forgotten about Katha screenplay Darshakatvam Aappalraju Ram Gopal Varma is back again with his latest venture which is also his least expensive film so far Dongala Mutha.

The story

Let’s try to think of any story to begin with, we think hard and still cannot come with any. What Ram Gopal Varma has made is an extended video involving few actors in a closed resort. How they come into it and what happens in it and how they get out is our film. With the limited to no scope for any story to develop or the characters what RGV delves into are the small moments and weird quirks of various characters in the film. While it’s amusing to begin with things gets boring as we continue to see them again and again.

The positives

What make one sit through the film are Ravi Teja and the dialogues. Ravi Teja effectively changes his modulation which evokes genuine laughter. He once again makes the audience sit through the entire film just for his act. He is closely followed by Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam. Among the others Laxmi Prasanna and Charmee over act, Subbaraju and Supreet try to underact while Brahmaji and Sunil act weird. However they all still constitute to something that is watchable to some extent.

The negatives

The back ground music is so over the top and loud that it causes headache pretty soon. The camera angles during certain scenes involving Charmee and some running and action portions are pretty tiresome to eyes.

What We Think: Good attempt and onetime watch for Ravi Teja
The Trade Talk: Producer will recover his 6.5 Lakhs budget
Rating: 2.5/5

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