Devudu Chesina Manushulu Movie Review


What is the film about?
Forget what the film is about. It shouldn’t matter even if it’s about repercussions of falling on banana peel because it’s the greatest thought ever that came to a director ever.

Why is it named Devudu Chesina Manushulu then?
Forget what is the name of the film, why does it bother you if its named Devudu Chesina Manushulu. It could have been named Aratipandu Tokka, would it change the fact that it’s the greatest film ever made on Telugu cine celluloid.

How are the performances?
ravi-teja-ileana-puri-jagan-devudu-chesina-manushuluForget all the film performances you have ever seen because you haven’t seen the actors in the film perform like that ‘ever’. Especially the performance of MS Narayana is seen to be believed. The precision with he throws Aratipandu tokka on the road and then in the dustbin is seen to be believed. It’s thrown at such a precision that it alters the entire course of the story. Now that’s performance.

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Wow, if the performance is so good the direction must be even good?
Forget all the Puri Jagannadh films you have seen so far, they are all one level, this is on a completely different level. His seriousness in the film is shown in his characters, his creativity is shown in the Aratipandu tokka sequence, his twists like never before are seen in the second half and finally his audacity is seen at the end in the credits where he thanks his audience for coming to watch this film.

Tell us something about the music of the film?
Forget all the music you have heard before, the music from this film will stay with you forever and ever till eternity. We now realize how prophetic the song was ‘disturb chettanade’.

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There are many but the standout was the emotional outburst of Prakash Raj in the second half of the film after he sees Ileana and its continuation till the climax. It is the greatest piece of acting one will see in a film ever. Oscars be damned, this is an all time performance that will tug, twitch, and rattle your heart. It’s the heights of emotions. Emotionally weak people you are warned.

How dare you ask about negatives from this master-piece?

Rating: 5/5  =  1
Bottom-line: Forget everything that’s said above. Forget the review. Forget the film. Have nice sleep, you may dream something that’s better than this film.

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