Raviteja's Veera Movie Review


If you are a man tell me the plot?
I am a man but I will not tell you the plot instead I recommend you to watch Samarasimha Reddy, Narasimha Naidu etc. In short any Balakrishna movie.

If it’s a Balakrisha ‘kind’ of movie then it should be entertaining, right?
No it’s not its much worse; you can’t even laugh at it.

If you are a man narrate us a scene?
Ok fine. Divya Vani plays the wife of Pradeep Rawat who is ‘the man’. Our ‘the man’ goes and challenges ‘he man’ played by none other than Ravi Teja. ‘he man’ beats ‘the man’ black and blue and our ‘the man’ reaches home bare-chested. Divya Vani can not digest the fact that ‘the man’ got beaten by ‘he man’ and in a rage asks ‘the man’ to wear saree and become ‘woman’.

Wow! Man any other such scene?
Kajal plays wife to our ‘he man’ and she is not just any other women she is ‘wo-MAN’. In one instance ‘the man’ comes and tortures the villagers, ‘he man’ is out of village at that time. Taking this as an opportunity our ‘wo-MAN’ reaches the spot and is ready to face ‘the man’. After uttering few words of self confidence ‘wo-MAN’ marches towards ‘the man’ on the way knocking down few men from ‘the man’ gang. The scene ends with ‘wo-MAN’ falling flat on the ground after a slap by ‘the man’.

So where is the problem man, this one looks entertaining? Doesn’t the people prefer that “Athi”?
The film is replete with such “Athi’s” and yes they have worked in the past and will work in the future too but not in this way. The director has to know the art of making the “Athi” perfect. A slight imbalance and it could turn into a comedy, the one people say “it’s too bad that it’s hilarious”. Here it’s the other way around its plain bad, just plain bad. You don’t feel like laughing it just creates a bad headache. The film is a failure of director Ramesh Varma.

What about acting?
Ravi Teja plays ‘he man’. Kajal plays ‘wo-MAN’, Tapsee plays ‘she man’ , Pradeep Rawat acts as ‘the man’. Kick fame Shyam does an “invisible man’ while Divya Vani acts, talks and reacts like she is possessed by ‘a man’.

Tell something which we don’t know?
The first half of the film is inspired by “Man on fire”.

What about other technical departments?
Music is by S Thaman, which means you have to look at the lyrics. The lyrics are bad here which means the music is bad. Choreography too lacks the zing that one usually associates with Ravi Teja. The film looks rich thanks to the producer but he would be poor for sure thanks to the director.

This is why critics are always doomed. They have no choice.

Rating: 2/5


  1. I am a northie guy based in Delhi, mostly watch Telugu movies in Home on DVD. I am a big fan of Ravi Teja and I enjoy his movies, but this seems to be a tailor made role for BALAYYA, and I believe no matter how big success any actor in Tollywood achieves, but no one can take Balayya’s place in High Octane action. The only person who can come close is Chiranjeevi. Ravi Teja is best when playing to the gallaries.

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