Mirapakai Movie Review


Mirapakai – Gives No Shock

Last time Harish Shankar and Ravi Teja came together they gave us Shock. Now Harish Shankar seems to have worked all the flaws in that movie and came up with a far entertaining movie. The result is Mirapakai.

It’s a Ravi Teja film so you know what to expect and you aren’t disappointed. The moment Ravi Teja is introduced you know what is going to happen and how its going to end. So it’s all about screenplay and the entertainment factor, which is where the film scores brownie points.

Right from the first frame till the last the film moves at brisk pace. The songs are placed properly and don’t act as speed breakers. As there is no novelty in the story and the whole film runs on a single thread the film appears to drag a bit. This is due to the repetitiveness rather than lack of entertainment. The film starts with super express speed slows a bit before the interval and once again picks up post interval and drags a bit towards the climax.

Ravi Teja now deserves a special mention. To maintain such energy for one film is fine but to maintain such level of energy film after film, film after film, film after film without any feeling of loss of energy is phenomenal. It’s because of him and him alone that you sit in the movie and enjoy it. Truly deserves the tag Mass Maha Raja.

Performance by the principle cast is fine. Everyone does well in their respective roles. Deeksha Seth is a revelation. She surprises everyone with her act and is presented superbly. Richa does well too in her role. All others just revolve around these characters and do their job well. Prakash Raj is not utilized well.

Direction by Harish Shankar is fine and the dialogues are awesome. The timing of usage of “nacchindi girlfriendu” song was awesome and evoked terrific response among the audience. His spoof usage of old film dialogues within the contexts were received well too. Music and background score by S.S.Thaman are asset to the film. Cinematography is good. The production values appear lavish. Overall a must watch family entertainer.

Rating: 3.75/5


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