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Ravi Teja and Sreeram are very close friends. An unfortunate accident happens in the life of Sreeram and the subsequent events make him look like the convict. He is given a death sentence for the crime which he did not commit. However he can be forgiven of the charges if the relatives of the dead person agree to forgive him, according to the law of Saudi Arabia where Sreeram works. Ravi Teja who is his close friend comes to know about all this and he takes it as his responsibility to get the signature on the letter of forgiveness to save his friend. But Ravi Teja has his own issues with some goons, a girl and her family. How all of this come together make for a perfect masala Telugu film story. But has the director succeeded in getting the right balance, let’s find out.

As is with any Ravi Teja film it’s his show all the way. He carries the film on his shoulders out and out, be it in terms of comedy or action or emotional drama. He is always there and makes the film a decent watch just for his

nippu movie review ravi teja

performance alone. For those out there who like his brand of action and comedy it’s a film you can watch happily.

Deeksha Seth gets a big role compared to her previous films where she has to perform. The director tried his best and the actress too gave her best. But that’s not enough to save those scenes. Her emotional performance evokes the wrong emotions.

Sreeram gets a good but small character. The entire film is centred on the future of his character. He does well. Rajendra Prasad chips in with a good performance. Apart from those actors its Brahmaji and Brahmanandam who provide the cinema it’s high point with their impeccable comic timing and reaction with the lead actor Ravi Teja. Some of the scenes are rip roaring hilarious in their combination. Others like Pradeep Rawat and Mukul Anand does their routine act.

Ravi Teja’s energetic performance
SS Thaman’s Songs and Background Music

Lengthy action scenes
Movie run time

The film is good as long as it fun through the comedy actors. But the serious scenes and emotions that come in between feels forced and give the film a lengthy feel. Add to this long overdrawn fight sequences with some unrealistic and implausible fights the film gets slightly nauseating. On the whole the film has its moments and a good plot that should make for an easy one time watch.
Bottom line: If you love Telugu masala potboilers with comedy, action, fights and romance, you will like this too.

Rating: 3/5

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