Naa Ishtam Movie Review


It’s the story of Rana (Ganesh) and Genelia (Krishnaveni). Rana (Ganesh) is the most selfish person in the world. He only loves money and will do anything for it. On the other hand Genelia (Krishnaveni) leaves everything for love. For her everything comes after love be it money or family. How the love story unfolds between the two when Genelia (Krishnaveni) accidentally meets Rana (Ganesh) because of her love is the basic plot-line.

The director through a third guy, who is actual lover of Genelia, creates some hilarious and unexpected sequences and tries to bring a change in the characters of Rana and Genelia to have that logical conclusion in the end.

The film completely rest on the shoulders of Rana who plays Ganesh a selfish guy. His characterization written on paper is good but execution of the part by Rana leaves a lot to be desired. He tries hard, his voice is funny at times, but fails overall. He has one constant expression through out. His expressions remain the same if he is angry, funny or sad.

Genelia D’Souza gets a fun part that she has done time and again. She does it again and thankfully this time without any over action. She is made to act in a very restrained manner which is good.

The rest of the film consists of bits and pieces characters ranging from Nazar to Ahuti Prasad to Chithram Sreenu and many others. Among all these only the guy who plays Kishore manages to have enough screen time to be remembered.

Comedians Brahmanandam and Ali do their routine. Raghubabu is wasted. Raghu shines even with his limited role and so does the Jogi brothers.

First half
Hilarious punch dialogues at places

Tried too hard to be different
Some twists are completely unnecessary and only prolong the film further
Too many songs in second half

Over all the film maintains a steady pace from the beginning till the end with only one motto to thrill the audience and surprise them at every turn. While this is good in the first half the second half sets into a formulaic pattern which then dilute all these good intentions. Even till the last moment the director tries to have the twists going on which after a point of time are just far too many to even have an effect.

Direction by debutant Prakash Toleti is competent. He has the skills alright but it’s his over ambitious desire to show it all in the first film that has a negative effect on the film. He should concentrate on free flow pacing of the film rather than trying to make each scene stand out. If he gets that free flowing right with each scene standing out more power to him.

Cinematography by Venkat Prasad is bad and the film has a very uneven look. Couple of songs by Chakri, are good. Background music by Chinna is fine.

Bottom line: Nice attempt but could have been a lot better. Watch it if you can bare the Young Spark.
Rating – 2.5/5

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