Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie Review


Rama Rama Krishna Krishna movie review – flogging a dead horse

Rama rama Krishna Krishna is directors srivas’s second film. Will second film syndrome get to him. Dil raju and hero ram both have two back to back flops respectively will they combine to give a hattrick or avoid it.

With so much at stake the people involved in rrkk choose the safest route possible to get out of their mess by doing the most done to death story ever possible. Result, instead of getting of their mess they further sink into the mess. Nazar has two sons the younger one is our hero who always fights and brings bad name to family. How he saves the village and gets everyone praise along with his father is the basic premise. Add to this a “man with a past currently under alias” angle with the man in question being arjun, things get further predictable. As if that were not enough the director gets every cliche possible into the narration like angry father, protective mother, over possessive maradalu, always fighting with sudden change in heart heroine and many more.

Well to be fair to the unit many films in the past with similar storylines have worked which probably would have prompted them to make this film. Some other day even this film might have worked as films as worse as this continue to work. What this film required was a lead actor with arresting personality who could have made even the routine tripe enjoyable to some. Sadly Ram has very little charishma to carry off such done to death story and arjun has lesser screen time

Ram dances good and fights well but everything seems mechanical. Heroines have very little to do other than tease or love hero. While priya anand was irritating with her fights with hero, the other heroine bindu madhavi doing a role almost identical to that of priyamani’s role in sambho siva shambho, appeared as if she was lady sidekick to a villain rather than maradalu of hero. Comedy by brahmanandam is not up to the mark. Rest of the cast shiyaji shinde,nazar,brahmaji,benerjee everyone do there routine.

Director srivas succumbs to second film syndrome. While his first film too was not anything to rave about it atleast had some high energetic moments with a racy screenplay. Here the screenplay has predictability written all over it. Not even a single scene look or feel fresh. In an already slowly moving film the songs comes across as speed breakers. Editing is jarring at times. Background music doesn’t help either. Choreography gives us a déjà vu feel.

Bottomline:Not worth a cinema ticket.Even gods can’t save it

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