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Kandireega Movie Review

What is the film about?
What all the Telugu films made today are about, hero wining heroines love and then marrying her. In the process making fools out of everyone including the heroine.

So this is ‘another’ such film? Then why should we watch it?
Yes it is.
Because we Telugu cinema audience are fortunate to have so many unique character actors who can do the routine efficiently time and again and make us laugh each time without getting bored. All they have to get is a writer or director who gives them funny situations and lines. This film has those situations and lines in plenty.

So the film is entertaining?
Yes it is entertaining. Everyone leaves their mark and there are some really hilarious situations that would leave you in splits.

Give us some examples?
The entire Brahmanandam sequence and Brahmaji dialogues when he is introduced. And the whole Sonu Sood sequences.

What are the positives?
Racy screenplay with nonstop entertainment that would not let one’s mind divert on the shortfalls.

And what are the negatives?
The length of the film could have been shorter and some unnecessary scenes could have been avoided. Routine story without any freshness what so ever.

So how are the performances? Who has acted well?
The show stealer in the film was Sonu Sood. Whenever he appeared on the screen he made it count. Especially some of the sequences involving him in the second half were rip roaring hilarious. Hero Ram follows next. He did well justifying his new tag ‘Energetic Star’. Among the rest all the character artists and comedians get their moment to shine. Heroines Hansika and Aaksha, well they are present and that just about sums up their performance. Among the two though, Aaksha gets the better part.

What about direction?
The direction of the film is fine. New director Santosh Srinivas sticks to the Srinu Vytla brand of movies and screenplays employed by him. In fact the whole second half of the film appears to be like that of a Srinu Vytla film. The main advantage of the film is the racy screenplay, which never stagnates and lets the audience feel bored.

What about other technical departments?
Music by S Thaman is like it always is. Background music is fine. Cinematography and choreography are ok. Editing could have been better.

An average fare at best but watch it because it is bound to provide you few laughs even if the story is a rehash of many movies you have seen earlier. Also it’s been long time since audience saw a ‘direct’ Telugu movie.

Box Office: HIT
Rating: 3/5

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  1. pandu

    August 17, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    its a easily predictable story.its time for ram to choose different roles.hansika should work on her physique(looking like a aunt) .aksha’s telangana accent is good.sonu sood turned over into a comic villan.bhramanandam,shivaji,chandra mohan’s roles r unnecessaray.

    totally audience who r fascinate dtowards dance and fights ccan njy this movie for others its a waste of 2.30 hours.

    rating :- 2.5 /5

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