Orange Movie Review


Orange – A Very Fresh O-Range
Rating – 4/5

When was the last time one saw a love story and said wow in excitement? When was the last time one saw an original love story? Orange is the answer for such questions. It is as fresh as a story as it can get in a genre that’s been staple of countless number of films.

The film starts off with a highly excited hyper tonal Jaanu(Genelia) but soon settles into a fun filled joyride. Ram(Ram Charan Tej) is normal youth who, like everyone else loves a girl. But he has a habit of not lying and this quality in him makes the movie take many unexpected turns which entertains you and yet at the same time leaves you with a puzzle in your head. Ram feels love can not be a lifetime thing to have or possess. It can only be truly experienced in short bursts during a lifetime.

There are many well written scenes in this movie. Some of them are
1)The car head light sequence while driving on the highway.
2)The interaction between Genelia and his mother to know if love still exists in her life and her reaction to it.
3)Truth or Dare sequence
4)Entire flashback sequence in the second half. This flashback alone is worth the price of ticket. It’s that bloody brilliantly written and executed. It depicts love very true to real life.

The second half of the film if filled with many such moments that touch your heart but are done with such an expertise that, it leaves a lasting impression without being too over dramatic. However the climax seems to be a cop out, meaning the director chooses an ending keeping the viewers in mind. The ideological shift in terms of ram’s perception of what love is, through the character of Nagababu could have been explained a bit better which would have made the film flawless.

Ram Charan excels and exceeds whatever expectations one has and there by giving his best performance in his short career so far. Genelia starts off in a very over the top fashion but is soon grounded and remains grounded through out, delivering a decent performance. Shazahn Padamsee as “Rooba” has a short but very sweet role and she does well. Bhrahmanandam as “Puppy” evokes few laughs. Manjula and Swaroop acting as reel life couple are adorable even in a very small part. Prakash Raj has an extended guest appearance.

Now the real hero of the movie is director Bhaskar. He handles his most challenging subject yet and delivers a standout movie which is moving and strikes an instant chord with the youth segment whom the film is targeted at. Dialogues, especially in second half are very well written. If Bhaskar weaves magic with words, Haris Jayaraj weaves magic with music. Rajshekhar cinematography gives the words music a great frame and enhancing their impact even more.

How much can u love someone? How long can you love someone? Is love a lifetime thing to happen? Orange deals with questions like these in a contemporary set up of things. Among the youth of today, what do they feel about love? Orange makes them have a close look at these things without boring in an interesting manner that is both engaging and entertaining at the same time.

Bottomline – A ‘reviewer’ once said book the tickets for the next show immediately, we say the same.


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