Ram Charan's Orange Music Review


Ram Charan’s next after Magadheera is enough to set the expectations sky high. When he combines with hit machine Harris Jayaraj the expectations are now beyond and above the sky.

Ola Olala Ala starts off the album. Sung wonderfully well by Karunya. The song is very pleasant to ears and at the same time has that foot tapping quality a trademark of a typical Harris Jayaraj song. The song gets better as it goes along and the finishing is just superb which makes you press the repeat button again as soon as it’s over. Lyrics by Surendra Krishna and Kedarnath Perimi are fine too. The English part just lingers in your ears even after the song is over.

Chilipiga sung by Karthik follows next. Song stars off with acoustic guitars and it continues through out with a bit of saxophone thrown in. The lyrics by Vanamali are superb which gives the song a soul. The chorus during second interlude gives us a heard before feel, but doesn’t hinder the flow of the song. Once again the ending escalates the song to a different level with saxophone, guitar, flute and chorus all coming together. A beautiful number for die hard romantics.

Naresh Iyer sings the saccharine sweet Nenu Nuvvantu written wonderfully by Vaamali again. A romantic number where the boy is wooing the girl by telling good qualities about himself.

“oka sari choosi nenu valachaka,nanu veedi podu ea maguvaina,

premisthane entho gadanmga,

na prema lothu lo munigaka nuvvu paiki teelave sulabhanga,

pranalaina isthav ekanga”

The song picks up after the first interlude and never lets you go. The wordplay gets betters as the song progresses. The table interspersed portions are absolute gem which one can listen in a loop repeatedly.

Hello Rammate follows next sung by Vijay Prakash with additional vocals by Devan. It’s a foot tapping number with focus more on beats than on melody. However the beats aren’t over done, they are used properly without dominating the main vocals. This makes the song a good listen but doesn’t reach the melody levels of the other songs. The usage of electric guitar is very good and not overdone.

Benny sings the energetic and peppy O’range Love. The song gets us instantly hooked and never lets it go. A foot tapping number that gets everything right from the start to end. The song gets groovier as it moves forward with ample scope for dance. The ending could have been much crispier, without all the cacophony.

Rooba Rooba final song of the album is sung by Shahil Ada and Chinmayi. After two foot tapping dance numbers the melody is back again. Shahil Ada voice makes all the difference here. His soothing vocals take the song to a higher level that what it could have ended up with otherwise.

At the end the album not just satisfies the expectations stated at the beginning, it goes even beyond it. Hence we get an album that’s not just for the sake of commercial prospects but something that can be heard for some years to come. An album with excellent melody coupled with beautiful lyrics, always have a timeless appeal. Of course only time will tell how long will it last but as off today it stays with you long after you have finished listening.

Rating : 4/5

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