Raktha Charitra 2 Movie Review


Raktha Charitra 2 – Well Shot Fiction

Surya is taken to the court. Surya is attacked. Surya saves himself and kills his attacker. What could be just another sequence in any other film is turned into a major sequence with everything being shot in slow motion. This sequence sums up the film in entirety. Raktha Charitha -2 has just a one line plot that off revenge. Revenge of Surya on Pratap Ravi. And the entire film runs on this thin plot and at the end seems like one big single slow motion sequence.

Surya is a happy man who is happy with his construction business but is sucked into darker side of life without his consent. On the other hand we have Paritala Ravindra who has now all the power that he wants and is determined to eliminate all his foes. How the two are connected to each other forms the story, which by this time is known to all.

Surya shows terrific intensity through out the movie. intensity in close up, in long shots, in slow motion. So all you get from him through out the movie is this one intense emotion. That’s why its very relieving to the audience when he narrates his flashback where for some time at least one gets to see a normal Surya who is not intense but jovial. But its to the credit of Surya and his arresting personality that you are glued to the screens. His outburst after the bomb blast is just heart breaking.

Vivek oberai continues from where he left in the first part. He gets few sequences to shine but he doesn’t utilize them to the fullest. Priyamani as Bhavani does well in the limited role she gets. Radhika Apte does well in her confrontation scene with Ravi but otherwise largely remains in the backseat. Sudeep Has terrific screen presence and does well too but the character just disappears in the first half and only surfaces in the climax which reduces its impact. Among others Muddu Krishna character stands out.

Direction by Ram Gopal Varma is first rate he showcases all his visual gimmicks. However his execution of four pivotal sequences is what makes the movie. It’s really a difficult task for a director to make the audience glued to their seats even more so when the audience knows before hand the out come, but Ram Gopal Varma accomplishes this difficult task to certain extent in few sequences using all the technique that he can. But with such a wafer thin plot its really difficult to hold one’s attention for the entire duration and here RGV succumbs especially in the second half.

Background music is loud and the voice over by Ram Gopal Varma is irritating as was in the first part. Cinematography by Amol Rathod is fine.

In the end terrific performance by Surya and few engaging sequences make this one a one time watch.

Rating – 2.75/5

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