Robo Music Review


Shankar and AR Rahman together again, enough said. Let’s get into the music review.

O Maramanishi starts off the proceedings in a very slow manner and then picks up and never let’s go off the tempo created. Though the lyrics are a dampener, the singing and the arrangements are top notch. The enigma-esqe feel given to the song is world class. Khatija Rahman makes a confident debut as a singer and SPB just mesmerizes. The chorus singing “o maramanishi” is very well done and infectious, which one keeps on humming even after the song is over. However this may disappoint certain fans of Rajinikanth as this is supposed to be an introduction number of star.

Neelo Valapu the next song starts very soothingly gives an amazing feeling and then becomes a very routine number till the second interlude begins which is fantastic and reminds one off old Rahman. From here on till the end the song is just fantastic and very enjoyable. Shreya Ghosal continues to be amazing and is supported by Vijay Prakash, who sounds more like Jassy Gift.

Inumulo o Hrudayam is a song about the robo hence the trance and techno sounds are used to the fullest. But the song though starts neatly doesn’t go to the next level of being extraordinary. It’s a decent listen at best and falls short of the high expectations it set up at the beginning. Rahman does a good job and rap by lady Kash N Krissy is well done in spite of being very predictable.

Chitti dance showcase is second let down in the album. It may work well with the video but as a standalone musical piece, it doesn’t excite one to listen it repeatedly. The sounds once again are very old and dated which makes you think if one is listening to an old 80’s album but again the choir and classical portions are good and this creates an imbalance which makes it a below par song.

In Harima Harima Rahman brings the best song of the album. A kickass number from the word go and pace never drops it just gets better and better as it move along. The blaring trumpets give a hair rising feeling with strong techno beats accompanying. Hariharan does extremely well ably supported by Sadhana Sargam. The lyrics once again are a let down as is with the rest of the album.

Kilimanjaro is the one massy number meant for masses. Rahman uses African tribal voices and drums which are consistent through out the song. The drums here are used very well to give depth to the song and at the same time not overpower the singing which would give a jarring effect and distract the listeners from the song itself. Chinmayi does well while Javed Ali struggles in pronunciation department like he has been on previous outing.

Boom Boom Robot Ra is the final number sung by as many as four singers however Yogi B is the one who has major share to sing. More like a disco beats meets rap, this song is also heavy on beats but again they are sound more noisy and from from a previous decade. Parts of the song remind us of Rahman’s own “Thigu Thigu” from Aah Aah.

Like Shivaji, Robo too depends on the visuals to carry the music as the music on its own is weak. The music would last as long as the film runs beyond that it all depends on the reception of the film and its picturisation. Definitely not in the league of Rahman-Shankar albums of 90’s. But surely a nice addition to your collection just for the grand music production and arrangement at hand here.

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