Raja Rani Movie Review – Delight For Lovers Average For Others




Raja Rani is the story of a couple torn in love respectively. How these two individuals, now married, discover love between them by knowing each other, is what this film is all about.


All characters look the parts they play barring Nayanatara who doesn’t look like a collage student from any angle. The performances too are mostly in tune with the characters. Despite looking odd for a collage going student for the rest of the love track, Nayanatara is perfect. She acts almost bordering on over action. In quite contrast to her is Arya who underplays a lot, so much so that, it feels under acted at few critical moments?

Jai and Nazriya on the other hand don’t have such complications with their characters and make a fine impression, especially Nazria. She is given the typical bubbly character that has to find love with the audience to make her character click and she does exactly that with the right amount of over-action.

Apart from these main characters there are two other characters played by Satyaraj and Santhanam. Both have been wonderfully etched and written which makes one instantly like them. There is nothing challenging to act for Santhanam and the only thing to see here is whether he has clicked or not? Well, there is no doubt in that he has clicked big time here. Satyaraj on the other hand gets benefit of a neatly written character more than his act, which otherwise screams ‘look-I-am-acting-very-subtly’.


Music & BGM


Gets predictable at times
Flashbacks feels stretched
Crying scenes with tears alternatively rolling on left and right cheeks


Director Atlee has come up with a good story for his debut film. He has a subject that is instantly identifiable for the youth and the married couple today, all he had to do was to execute that story perfectly, which he has done largely.

The screenplay of the film becomes predictable after the first flashback but it’s what happens after the end of both flashbacks is what makes the film a winner in the end. The climax is neatly done and ends the film on a positive as well as high note. Both the flashbacks are predictable but the performances and comedy present in each tracks make them click. The sentiment portions drag both with in the flashbacks as well as regular track, with the sentiment in regular track being lot better.

Music and background score by GV Prakash is good. The music director is in form here and makes the right impact in few scenes. Editing and cinematography are pretty neatly done as well.

Bottom-line: delight for lover’s average for others

Rating: 3.25/5


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