Rabhasa Music Review – Raakasi Saves The Day



There is lot of hate for music director SS Thaman, especially online. The most common problem with everyone is the sameness that many find in his music. We have however never found that as a problem so far as we simply see a song for what it is and the music director has managed to keep even the routine sound good by some simple tweaking here and there. But the problem off late is that at the rate he is doing the albums, looks like he is running out of ideas even at that tweaking level. Will that be a problem here, read out to find more?


Maar Salaam and Garam Garam Silaka fall into the typical mass song category of music director. These are routine numbers basically which the music director makes foot tapping with some simple additions and tweaking (a techno beat/sound that runs throughout Garam Garam Silaka for example) in the existing format itself like we had mentioned at the beginning. Those peppy beats and sounds work well in Garam Garam Silaka, not so in Maar Salaam which sounds generic.

Rakaasi Rakaasi and Hawa Hawa are the more youthful numbers that one finds in Thaman albums regularly. Again here too while both are good Rakaasi Rakaasi scores big time whereas the interludes let down Hawa Hawa a bit, they are flat. Coming to Rakaasi Rakaasi sung by Jr NTR himself, with lots of auto-tuning at work, it is the best of the album and sounds very different from the previous numbers sung by the actor, well, largely thanks to the auto-tuning that we mentioned.

Dam Damaare is a made for video kind of song that is just skippable as a standalone song.

On the whole Rabhasa is again a typical SS Thaman album, that sounds and feels like many previous albums of his. It’s not a bad thing per se, the good numbers are as good and bad numbers are as bad as any of previous albums but if not for Rakaasi Raakasi one couldn’t differentiate this from standard routine Thaman fare. Which means even at the tweaking level he is failing to get freshness and it’s a problem he must look into. If we look at albums specifically in Jr NTR and SS Thaman combination, this is clearly the weakest despite Rakaasi Raakasi.


Our picks: Rakaasi Raakasi, Garam Garam Silaka, Hawa Hawa

Rating: 2.75/5

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