Charulatha Movie Review



Charu and Latha are conjoined twins and they love each other and vow to stay together till they die in childhood. But once they become adult Ravi enters into their life and Charu falls in love with him. This creates an imbalance in the twins due to their physicality and finally the other who is not loved has an effect mentally. What happens to their lives? Whom did Ravi marry forms the rest of the film.



Priyamani who plays conjoined twins Charu and Latha in the film acts superbly. She shows variations in the two characters acting wise and not just on the look front. In the climax she is absolute delight to watch despite the prevalent cliché associated with the act itself.

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Skanda plays the grounded and tamed guy in the film with utmost sincerity.

Sai Sasi is fine but has a limited role. Same can be said of Saranya Ponvannan and Seetha.



Background score

Priyamani’s performance



Horror film clichés

Confused climax


Forced comedy



The first half of the film is okay with not much happening story wise and very little being revealed about the actual conflict. Different characters are introduced in this half which raises expectations on the second half.

Second half is good compared to the first half till the climax. The suspense is maintained well and the real story is revealed. But the characters introduced in the first half end abruptly and the suspense revealed backfires as it makes all the horror moments shown up until that point redundant.

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So much unnecessary dialogues are used in the climax with little clarity. It all feels rushed and poorly handled although the acting during all this mess, by Priyamani, is good.

Direction by Pon Kumaran is to be faulted here as he fails to give a proper and clear culmination to the nice story build up to the climax. One expects something big to happen that would make all the proceedings till the climax justified but the revelation spoils everything.

Music by Sunder C Babu is alright but the background score is good. Cinematography is fine. Editing could have been better.


Bottom-line: Watch it only if you have nothing else to do.

Rating: 2.5/5

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