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Venu is an orphan who is forced to child labor from a small age. He later moves to city and settles as a worker in a roadside idly shop. In a few years time he is used to the place and feel like home. One day he accidentally sees Jyothi and likes her. This like turns into love. But his life is shattered when one day police come in search for him.

There is another story too in the film that of Dinesh and Arthi. Dinesh is an intermediate youth who follows Arthi another student from different collage. Dinesh only sees her as a sexual object without any love. When he is avoided by Arthi after she comes to know of his intentions he gets agitated and tries to throw acid.

How this two seemingly unrelated and opposite kind of love stories come together through flashbacks is what the basic film is all about. It’s a simple realistic drama told in a thrilling manner with a novel climax.


The major characters of the film comprises of newcomers. Sri, Mithun Murali, Urmila Mahantha and Manisha Yadav all look their characters and have played their roles well.

Sri as the orphan pours his heart into the film and makes the audience connect with him as does Urmila Mahantha although she has very less to act.

Mithun Murali is fantastic as the always scheming and appearing cool on outside kind of guy. His part is so well written and portrayed that people start hooting at him at his very presence after a point of time.

Other actors playing various characters too have done fine job.

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The two stories

Narration technique


Second half and climax


Pace of the film

Suresh Kondeti’s item number


The film is very slow to begin with and picks up mildly after the love story of Venu starts. By the time the films picks up further its already interval. Second half is fast paced composed to the first half but it once again slows down mildly in the middle. The climax though is really good and very heart touching.

Director by Balaji Shakthivel is good in that he maintains a consistent tone through out and extracts good performances from each of his cast. But the screenplay tends to be on slower side for most part of the film.

Cinematography by SD Vijay Melton is good and it helps take the realistic tone of the film to a grittier level.

The film has music by renowned guitarist R Prasanna. He has only two songs to compose in the film and they are fine as is the background score of the film which too is used sparsely.

The item number by producer Suresh Kondeti should have been completely avoided as it only breaks the flow of the film.

Bottom line – watch it if you have appetite for strong Tamil flavored films. Remember it’s a film made by the director of Premisthe.

Rating – 3/5

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