Prasthanam Movie Review – 2


Is it a low budget B-grade movie starring Sai Kumar and Sarvanand ?

– Hell No. Its a first class movie. Brilliantly written and executed. Within the first 10 mins, looking at the photography, BGM and dialogues, you will understand its a sincerely made movie.

Will Sarvanand become mainstream hero after this film ?

– No. But Sandeep Kishan, the guy who played as Sai Kumar’s son will be become a big time villian. He stole the show. If this guy was around when Gautam Menon was re-making Kaaka Kaaka, he should have chosen Sandeep Kishan for Pandiya character.

Will this movie be remade in other languages ?

– Definitely. The story is so good that like Godfather, it will be made in other languages and possibly remade in Telugu again down the line.

Is this movie inspired by some other movies?

– To me, it looks like an original movie straight from the gut. Neither the style nor material was copied.

Can the movie be better?

– Yes. The heroine, romance track and songs thwart the flow of the movie. Deva Katta should have avoided adding this ingredient. If they want to send the movie to film festivals, they should get rid of all this.

Is the movie preachy?

– No. Its does preach anything directly but at the end, you will get the moral of the story.

Where is the movie set?

– Unlike NRI hypocrites, Deva Katta chose Vijayawada/Gannavaram to tell us the story. Hence, the characters seem tangible and the viewers are not distracted. If some other director made the movie,the movie would have been based in Hyderabad and the seat of power should have been CM. Sarvanand and Saikumar would have been wearing suits, driving Porsche or Ferrari.

Is Deva Katta going to be A-league director?

– He is A league material. Infact, he is better than many so-called commercial directors.
I hope he doesnt become another Neelakanta or Yeleti.

Final note:

Deva Katta, thank you for making such a wonderful film. Hope you continue to make good movies like this and inspire others to do so.
Please try to make song less movies. Songs are not your forte.

– Coke

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