Prasthanam Movie Review


Prasthanam – very powerful

Deva katta who last made vennela few years back with sharwanand back with prasthanam . vennela showed us how an hurt ego of a spoilt brat coxed by his friends choose a wrong path eventually leading to his downfall all because of his love for girl . in prasthanam the director does a similar character study but this time he focusses more on the power aspect of human.

Saikumar gets power in an unforeseen event which sees him getting married to his leaders wife and adopting there children mithra and surekha vani. Later the marriage results in another son sundeep. As years pass by both surekha vani and sandeep develop hatred towards there father. While surekha vani doesn’t accept saikumar as father sandep hates his father for not seeing him as his political heir. Meanwhile mithra grows into a devoted son who looks after saikumar in every aspects. All hell breaks loose when mithra is made the political heir of saikumar which is not taken well by sandeep. What decisions he takes what he does and why saikumar doesn’t want his own son to be his political heir forms the rest of the story.

While we have seen such stories of power and jealous before what makes this different from them is the tone and effectiveness in which the situation are presented. The movie doesn’t rush into things it moves at its own pace unraveling new dimension of the characters as movie progresses. The highlight of which being the dialogues which are Thought provoking, humourous and philosophical at the same time. What makes this just a good film and not a brilliant one is because of its second half where the director makes some commercial compromises and adds few songs which acts as huge speed breakers for an already slow paced movie which tests the patience of audience and spoils the mood they were drawn into.

Unlike vennela this time deva katta makes the movie technically more appealing. The cinematography is very good it captures the gritty nature of vijayawada very well. Though the music is a big disappointment compared to vennela Mahesh Chandra scores big time in the background music department. The background music is fantastic.

When it comes to performaces saikumar stands out from frame one till the last frame its his film and his best performance after samanyudu . His body language and dialogue delivery are fantastic. Sarwanand too does well. He shows a restraint in his performance though out never going over the top. But it’s the new guy sandeep who literally breathes fire whenever he is on screen. Though his character seems to be hugely inspired by the kk menon’s character of sarkar he does justice to his role. One hopes that he doesn’t stereotype himself with such roles in future. Among others jayaprakas reddy provides some laugh with his dumb politician act and jeeva does what he does often well. Heroine appears to be just a gap filler and vennela kishore doesn’t have much to do either.

Even with dragging second half the film is a must watch for movie lovers as films like this are made very rarely. A film which is engaging as well as with its powerful drama. A powerful film made showcasing the power in its full glory without any juvenility in its presentation.

Bottomline:Go for it. This is how a leader should be made.

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