Mr Perfect Movie Review


Mr. Perfect – Works out all the formulas

What is the film about?
The film is about a stub-born guy coming to terms with adjustments in life.

That’s looks like a nice idea? How is it made?
Yea it’s a nice idea but the execution is very tacky and predictable in by now typical Dil Raju style.

Typical Dil Raju style does that mean it’s preachy?
Yes it gets preachy a lot especially in the second half of the film.

How about the performances?
Prabhas acts very well and so does Kajal. They both share very good chemistry in first half of the film which makes even the predictable proceedings enjoyable. Tapsee has less footage compared to Kajal and doesn’t have much of a role to speak off.

Aren’t there any others characters worth mentioning?
Prakash Raj, Nazar, Murali Mohan, Shiyaji Shinde, Brahmanandam, Krishnudu, Raghu Babu, K Vishwanath are all present but do nothing special that’s worth mentioning.

What about direction?
Director Dasarath has chosen a nice idea but the presentation often borders on regressiveness in a Suraj Barjatya meets Karan Johar style. Still there are some good dialogues during the first half which makes the film enjoyable.

How does the film look on screen?
Like any other Dil Raju produced film, you could insert few images from his other productions and you wouldn’t be confused at all with the proceedings. Indeed a fantastic work by the cinematographer Vijay Chakravarthy.

And you still want us to see the film?
Sure why not looking at how the films are faring this summer, this predictable fare might well be the medicine, the doctor ordered to Telugu film industry. We deserve this.

Anything else?
Its time Dil Raju made ‘films’ rather than make feature length social classes with songs in between them aided by able cinematographer.

Final conclusion
Watch it anyway.

Rating: 3/5


  1. Mr.Perfect is good, 100% love also good, in 100% love Mentally disturbed NRI character by Subramanyam is excellent. He loves BENZ cars rather than “human relations”. May be that is the life in America . Be-carefull if anybody travelling/living in USA

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