Teen Maar Movie Review


What is Teen Maar about?
Its a love story showcasing the mindset of people of two different generations, represented by Micheal Velayudham and Arjun Palwai, Pawan Kalyan in dual role.

Is the film entertaining?
Yes, It is from start to end. Pawan Kalyan back to his old energy levels. Keeps the audiences hooked to the screen even in the absence of noted comedians.

Who are its target audience?
Its for all the people who are young at heart and of course for the fans of Pawan Kalyan, who finally seems to be enjoying doing a movie.

How is the direction?
The director follows the template of the original version(Love Aj Kal). How ever he extracted very good performance from all the cast. Hence making the characters likable.

How about Pawan Kalyan?
Finally after years, he does a character by fully getting involved in it and it shows on the screen. The insane energy that he generates makes the fans go crazy in theatres. His handling of two different characters with different mannerisms and body language is commendable. In Arjun Palwai he does the best role in his career. As Micheal Velayudham, he is very effortless but the spot dubbing ruins its enjoyment. However the last 30 minutes of the movie he just takes the movie to the another level.

Pawan Kalyan and dances, Really!!
Now this comes as a complete surprise to the fans to see him so flexible like in his early career. He completely rocked in Vayarala (Retro Style) and Basti Dorsani (Hip Hop Style) songs followed by Aale Bale (Teen Maar). Especially Basti Dorsani he raised hell in theater.

What about the heroines?
Trisha and Kriti Kharbanda got good roles and they do well in the screen time they have. Trisha has over make up but makes for it with some good acting in the finale.

What about other actors? Are there any?
While there are a host of characters in the film none have a big enough role. Only Paresh Rawal has role that’s worth mentioning and he does well.

What about Trivikram?
Trivikram is the star of the film after Pawan Kalyan. His dialogues provide the punch and keeps the audience in splits through out the duration of the film. Even in emotional scenes he has written some good lines. If not for his writing skills the entire climax would have crumbled down.

What about other departments?
Music by Mani Sharma was fine on the audio but on screen they transform into something memorable.The background score is pretty good too. The cinematography by Jayanan Vincent is fine but could have been much better. Editing could have been way way better.

What about the production values?
Production values are excellent and the producer Ganesh Babu needs to be applauded for getting such an output in such a short time with “Pawan Kalyan” as hero.

What about its box office prospects?
The film opened to a roaring collections on day 1. Now its up to the star do the talking.

Bottom Line:
Hey,Chikithaa kumostos Me ti amo Michael velayudham Ithaliya ummah..!!
Go watch it immediately just to see the star they call Powerstar, in form.
Rating: 3.75/5


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