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Gabbar Singh the story of Venkat Rathnam Naidu(Gabbar Singh) who believes in only one thing justice at any cost. He would go to any extreme for what he feels is the justice. A person with this character and attitude collides with Sidhapa Naidu(Abhimanyu Singh), an MLA aspirant. How Gabbar Singh through his various eccentric ways thwarts Sidhapa Naidu’s plan of becoming an MLA is the basic plot of the film

The story also involves a brother, father, mother and finally a


lover. All these are interlinked together to give an masala potpourri called Gabbar Singh.


It is Pawan Kalyan’s film from start to end. Its one man show. After a long time Power Star is in full form never letting the energy down. He keeps the proceedings entertaining and engaging with his impeccable comic timing and screen presence. Gabbar Singh can be called his best performance till date. As far as his character goes the dialogue “Naaku Konchem Thikka Undi… Dhaniki Oka Lekka Undhi…” symbolizes it to the fullest.

Abhimanyu Singh plays the main villain and he does well. He expresses the typical telugu villain qualities very well and acts as perfect foil for Gabbar Singh. The dubbing voice gelled well with his body language and character.

Sruti Haasan has very less to do in the film. One almost forgets in the middle of the film that she actually exists in the film. Even the dubbing giver for her is not good. However as she doesn’t have a big role it’s not a deterrent to the flow of the film.

Tanikella Bharani once again plays side kick of the villain. He has very good dialogues and his accent gives it a very natural rural feel. Ajay as brother of Gabbar Singh has nothing to do in first half of the film. In the second half he gets few scenes to shine. Suhasini and Nageeneedu as parents of Gabbar Singh are adequate. Kota Srinivas Rao appears briefly and does well in one emotional scene that he has.

Rao Ramesh is neat. JP is hilarious in a short cameo. Brahmanandam as recovery Ranjith Kumar is effective and provides non stop laughs when ever he is on screen. Ali as Samba provides few laughs but its the villain gang which comprises of Prabhas Reddy, Fish Venkat etc. who provide the maximum laughs in the film. The Kabbadi fight and the Anthakashari scene involving them are some of the best comedy scenes that one would get to see in this year.


Pawan Kalyan
Fast paced screenplay
Anthakshari Scene


Few sentiment scenes in the second half


The film as we know is a remake of Bollywood blockbuster Dabangg. Many a times the remake loses the charm of the original and also fails to get the nativity right. Gabbar Singh fortunately gets those things right. The film is only partially inspired by the original and contains lots of entertainment that is not present in the original. The first half of the film is riot with both action and comedy in right doses. It maintains the heroism and at the same time provides hilarious fun.

The second half of the film in comparison appears a bit slow but even in this half the comedy scenes take the film to a high. Anthakshari Scene and Kevv Keka song provide some of the best moments in the second half of the film. The climax is neatly wrapped up with out creating any fuss or over the top action sequences.

Direction and dialogues by Harish Shankar are major assets for the film along with the music. In-fact after Pawan Kalyan its the direction by Harish Shankar which gets the maximum brownie points. He has used Pawan Kalyan to his optimum and showed him at his energetic best. Music by Devi Sri Prasad as said above is another major asset of the film. Even the Background music by DSP is very good this time. Cinematography by Jayanan Vincent is very good. He captured the village atmosphere very well. Editing is good however at times it felt a bit rush. Choreography is fine. After a long time Pawan Kalyan is given some small but new moments.

Bottom-Line: Watch for it’s high quotient of entertainment
Rating: 3.75/5


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