Parama Veera Chakra Review


Parama Veera Chakra – To The “Watching” Audience

When the old clipping of NTR from Bobbili Puli starts the movie you think that you are moving forward from that time to the current era only later you realize that it was the directors way to take the current era back to those time. Now sample this, an army major is court-martialed and then sent to jail. His wife gets special permission to talk to him. She brings their son to the jail. Now instead of talk the major sings a patriotic song at his son’s request. All this is followed by an ongoing spoof in a parallel thread.

In another sequence actor Balakrisha is narrated a scene of an army major by a military official. He is so involved with the character of major that he starts to live that character for some time. Later Balakrishna is ready to act for the military official without even knowing the actual happenings. We wonder if this was a real life proceedings being portrayed on screen i.e. signing movies without any knowledge of script and doing films just on the strength of the character.

Parama veera chakra is outdated regressive patriotic masala kitsch. A film that should have come decades ago. Even for a masala movie it’s done very poorly with very shabby screenplay and poor editing. Everything from the sets taking and dialogues seem to be from a different age and are campy.

Balakrishna plays dual roles one as a cinema actor Chakradhar and other as army major (a Telugu hero is always a major when in army). How the two come together and finally make the title relevant makes for the film. Balakrishna is sincere in whatever he does but that’s not enough. There are three heroines one to droll over Balakrishna and have a song, one to cry for Balakrishna and then have a song, the third one to dream having a song with Balakrishna. Among the three, it’s Neha Dhupia who clearly seems to be having a ball in a short appearance. Sheela and Amisha Patel have nothing to do apart from what’s said above.

Among the rest it’s the veterans like Murali Mohan, Vijay Kumar and Jayasudha who have the most fun mouthing the most clichéd lines possible. The comedy track involving Bharahmanandam, Ali and Hema is in very poor taste.

Direction by Dasari Narayana Rao is very outdated. As if that’s not enough he has to his credit screenplay, dialogues, lyrics and story. Now after reading such credit list only a fool would think of a decent outcome. Some of the set pieces used for action sequences were so campy and looked straight out off a b grade action movie of yesteryear’s, while the drama reminds us of the television serials. Background music by Manisharma although inspired by many sources was good but its fate of being recognized is eventually buried under the monumental mess created by the director. “Mye Kya Karon” has Balakrishna is his most hideous wig and costumes ever. All in all an epic disaster in every aspect of film making, apart from the sincerity of Balakrishna.

Rating: 1.5/5

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