Parama Veera Chakra Music Review


Parama Veera Chakra – to the listeners

Lokaana Cheekatini is a song which narrates the story of Telangana martyr Komaram Bheem. S P Balasubramanyam is the only reason one listens to this song patiently till it finishes. The tune and treatment of the song is outdated.

Mithra mithra is a routine melody by Manisharma. While its pleasant to hear one gets a heard before feel at the end of the song. The second interlude is the best part of the song. The lyrics used to get the raunchy effect are overdone.

Arjuna Phalguna is another raunchy seducing number which is only meant to be ogled at screen. Musically the lyrics are a major distraction, which affects the repeatability of the song. Pity for such well orchestrated song.

Mye Kya Karoon is another panegyric number describing the how irresistible the hero is. This number though on listen appears a bit subdued compared to the other two and hence making for a decent listen as lyrics comparatively aren’t that blunt and vulgar. Musically it gives us a heard before feel.

Yekka Yekka is another song alluding to the irresistibility of the hero. This one takes the irresistibility factor further into bedroom. The lyrics are filled with lot of sexual innuendos. This one is more of a mass number of the yore. The choice of the singers gives this song a dated feel.

By the time Thalli Kadupulo starts one feels if he is listening to a different album. S P Balasubhramaiyam, Manisharma and the lyrics by Dasarai Narayana Rao make this song worthwhile. But the rendition once again seems to be going back in time and not in sync with its much modern and current musical interludes.

Ramudunanu seems like a drama scene from the movie put in as audio. It does absolutely nothing to the audio other than provide a sign of things to come to the fans. This comes across more as warning bell than an inspiration call.

Overall a below par album with lot of dated sounds and the one’s sounding fresh ruined by insipid lyrics. Manisharma has always delivered a first rate album to Balakrishna no matter how the film turns out. But this is the poorest audio in their combination.

Rating – 2.75/5

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