Paathashala Music Review



Rahul Raj who was heard for the first and last time in Telugu films for the film Oh My Friend, returns as music director after a long gap. His last album Oh My Friend had some good music and one could remember them being popular during its release but they ultimately remain forgotten as nothing extraordinary happens in it, they were good though. Will the music director make a better comeback, now that he doesn’t have a big banner or producer hindering his creativity?

‘Friendship Anthem’ has the beats and interludes right but somehow it never clicks as a whole to make the right impact to leave a lasting impression. The singing and lyrics lets the song down. This is the initial impression that one gets but after few listens that doesn’t seem to be a problem and the song grows on listeners.

‘Merise Merise’ is a lot simpler in terms of beats overall and is less cacophonous. The second interlude as well as stanza is good. There is nothing out of the world here, a decent listen. ‘Suryodhayam’ begins fantastically but fails to maintain that feel for the rest of the song. The fusion of soft rock with typical Indian beats and sounds, doesn’t come out properly and that lets the song down. ‘Freedom Song’ is eventually lost in the rock sound it is trying so hard to get right.

‘Shoonyamai’ is the one number in the album that gets it right on all counts, lyrics, singing and proper flow in music. Everything comes together perfectly in this number and ends the album on a high note.

Music director Rahul Raj hasn’t shown any real difference this time around as well. Paathashala is as good or as bad as his previous album. There is nothing remarkable or memorable here. If one gives it a chance few numbers would surely register.


Our picks: Shoonyamai, Merise Merise
Rating: 3/5


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