Nuvvala Nenila Music Review



Small films often spring surprises with some pleasant music as they are not bound by any commercial constraints, in general. For those who are unaware the director of Nuvvala Nenila had in the past made the very likable Mem Vayasuku Vacham which had such a surprise in store in the form of fantastic single Vellipoke. That is all we ask from this album as well, not much. Can it be delivered?

Nee Valle stars the album on a somewhat positive note. It is a slow melody song where singer Karunya tries his best to bring life to the song but the tune never picks up to help sustain and create impact, for energy provided by the singer. Manase Manasuni Patti is somewhat better in comparison. There is little energy flowing-in that helps the song register.

Manasulo Matani begins in a very catchy fashion and it sustains the momentum mildly throughout. Sahiti vocals make the song livelier than it actually is. Yeh Zindagi is easily the peppiest number in the album. It suffers from the clichés of the music genre it belongs to. Musically the best thing in the album is Nuvvala Nenila theme, it has a depth in it and imparts little feel too which has been missing in the above numbers.

In the end one has to say, the magical single that we expected was indeed a big thing that we asked for. Music director Sai Karthik has delivered a by-the-template passable album, nothing more nothing less.

Our picks: Nuvvala Nenila theme, Manasulo Matani
Rating: 3/5


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