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Nithin’s ISHQ Movie Review

Rahul (Nithin) and Priya (Nithya Menon) meet each other on their way to Hyderabad. Bad weather forces the flight to land in Goa. Rahul and Priya bond with each other during this short stay at Goa and eventually fall in love. But past of Rahul catches up with him soon and hinders in their love. How Rahul overcomes the hurdle using brain rather than brawn is very refreshingly told by the director that needs to be seen in cinemas.


As the story suggests the film is primarily between Nithin and Nithya Menon. Both get enough scope to perform and they make most of it. It takes time to get used to the histrionics of Nithin initially but once one is past that he is a joy to watch. Very rarely do we see chemistry between the lead actors, Ishq provides one such rare occasion where both Nithin and Nithya Menon provide some awesome chemistry that makes one forget them for the duration of the film and just remember the characters.

Nithya Menon once gain delivers an amazing performance. As she has already done a character in this genre before, she is at ease compared to Nithin. She gets those small moments in the film work wonderfully well which ignites the sparks in what eventually turns out to be an amazing chemistry between the lead pair.
Among others Ajay gets a central character during the second half and he makes his presence felt. His action in some of the sequences during the second half is hilarious. There are not many comedians in the film only Ali is seen in a small sequence. Nagineedu plays the role as is expected of him. Sindhu Tholani gets a small but important role in the film, she is adequate.

Chemistry between the lead pair
Songs and Picturization
Background score

Classy touch lacking mass appeal

The film begins well then gets a bit predictable and slow and takes its time to build relationship between the lead pair. This makes the first half of the film appear slow. The second half of the film is very good with superb screenplay. There is no redundancy and even though there is no separate comedy track and comedians in numbers the film keeps us on the edge of the seat and entertaining at the same time. It can be a bit boring if one gets used to the pattern the director is trying to make with that screenplay and guesses what’s going to happen next. The climax is good and rounds off all the character arcs and various plots very well.

It’s a director’s film all the way. Vikram Kumar with a cameraman like PC Sreeram at disposal gets the tone of the film pitch perfect. There is a feeling of pleasantness when one sees the film and that pleasant feeling still remains when one comes out.

Music by Anoop Rubens and Aravind Shankar(Yedho Yedho and Sootiga Choodaku) is very good. Background score by Anoop Rubens hits all the right notes. Both compliment the mood of the film very well. Some of the songs with their picturizations stand out too.

Bottom Line:
The film lacks mass elements but still entertains thoroughly. Do watch it.
Rating – 3.5/5

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