Heart Attack Music Review-Puri's Best Post Ek Niranjan



Whatever one might think of his films, Puri Jagannadh has seldom failed when it comes to music from his films. The director has delivered chartbuster after chartbuster in almost all of his albums. This time for Heart Attack he combines with the upcoming music director Anup Rubens for the first time. Expectations are high as usual with any Puri Jagannadh album, let’s see what he has got here.

‘Nuvvante Naku’ is instantly appealing and catchy number with superb beats and rhythm. Even the lyrics are extremely catchy in commercial sense. The flute usage in bits, interspersed with electronica sound, throughout the song is beautifully done. ‘Thuhi Hai Thuhi’ is a typical Anup Rubens number melodically that meets the “classical meets hip beats” seen generally in Puri Jagannadh films. This is another extremely catchy number with superb interludes, a great ‘alaap’ background vocals and fantastic end.

‘Ra Ra Vasthava’ is a jazz number done well. People who like this musical genre might find this song very appealing, others not so, especially on initial listening. ‘Selavanuko’ is another instant winner. It’s a beautiful melody sung well by Chaithra. Musically its simple compared to the other numbers so far but the strong melody makes up for it along with the lyrics. ‘That’s All Right Mama’ contains lyrics that are typical Puri Jagannadh and these lyrics dominate the proceedings with music just backing it nicely all along by keeping things foot tapping worthy and lively.

‘Choopinchandey’ again is dominated by lyrics with music complementing it all along. The lyrics which reflect the current state of mind of director Puri Jagannadh might seem funny to males but are outright offensive from a female perspective. The album ends on a high note with Kunal Ganjawala rendered number ‘Endukila Nannu Vedhisthunnavey’. Musically and lyrically the song makes an impact and is instantly memorable.

Puri Jagannadh in the recent past has been getting albums that had a couple of chartbusters whereas the rest of the numbers in the album looked like fillers. Here in Heart Attack Puri Jagannadh gets an album that delivers from start to end,Ek Niranjan was probably the last such complete album. There are bits and pieces in each song that seems to have been ‘inspired’ clearly but still one can enjoy the album both musically as well as lyrically for its fun quotient. Oh and the noise element that is off late creeping at an alarming rate in Puri films is limited here. Heart Attack should be another big turning point in career of Anup Rubens.

Our picks of the album: Nuvvante Naku, Thuhi Hai Thuhi, Selavanuko, Endukila

Rating: 3.75/5


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