Disco Movie Review


Disco (Nikhil), yes that’s the name of a person, is an orphan. He has three friends Doddi, Paidi and Miriyam. Disco always ensures that they are in a trouble but finally he rescues them in the last moment. One day Disco robs the money of a don and in order to escape from the local goons he flies to Bangkok. However there is small twist in the tail and its courtesy of this twisting tale involving a romantic angle that the entire second half runs.


Nikhil’s career best performance. There is not even a single scene where he tries to be understated to talk less. He dances well with ease. Very energetic performance.

Giving him serious competition is another prominent character artist Ashish Vidhyardhi. He reenacts his Gudumba Shankar kind of act all over again. His character does provide few laughs here and there.

Sarah Sharma looks anything like a heroine and she too joins the ham fest along with others.

The three guys, who act as friends of Nikhil and Ali in the second half, do provide laughs in this near two and half hour film. Raghu Babu is okay.NIKHIL-DISCO-MOVIE-REVIEW-PHOTOS

MS Narayana is hilarious in his small role doing the spoof on Businessman.

MS Narayana

Heroine in the second half
Constant muting of dialogues by censor

It’s a simple plot. Director Hari K Chanduri takes such a plot and tried to inject whacky humor into the film through the dialogues and crazy over the top visuals. There are gags galore in the movie but they happen just for the sake of ‘happening’ rather than being part of the narrative or are spoofs that looks forced.

BG score is good. Editing is adequate. Cinematography is fine. Dialogues are witty. Production values are good.

Bottomline: Watch Disco for its comedy.
Rating: 3/5

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