Nenu Na Rakshasi Movie Review


What is the film about?
It’s about suicides; it tells the story about a professional killer who loves a girl who wants to commit suicide.

The story appears very grim. Is it entertaining to watch?
While that is the basic story the director has added few sub plots to give room for action and comedy, the main theme surfaces regularly at certain intervals like a well worked out formula.

How about performances?
The film had very few characters but they all performed well. Rana showed major improvement from his previous film especially in the interval scene. As far as Ileana goes this is the best film in her career. Abhimanyu Singh repeats his “Bukka Reddy” act once again but is done effectively with some Puri Jagannadh humor.

And directing?
After continuous duds, Puri Jagannadh seems to have got it right this time as far as gripping narration and extracting good performances goes. The dialogues are fine with some one liner on “love” being the best.

Are there any shortcomings?
To begin with the comedy track involving Ali is Puri Jagannadh’s worst after Ek Niranjan. The film drags in the second half and appears repetitive.

It’s a very good movie if you digest the theme and then look at characters otherwise a sheer torture. It’s a film that you would later love on dvd viewings in either of the above cases.

Ok, what about its fate at box office?
It will not work out at the box office.


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