Neelakanta's Maaya Movie Review




Meghana (Avantika Mishra) has Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). She can foresee things before it happens. She falls in love with Siddharth (Harshavardhan Rane) only to realize later that her best friend Pooja (Sushma Raj) is engaged with him. One day through ESP vision she sees something bad happening that is related to the lives of all three. How everything is resolved in the end is the crux of the story.


There are very limited characters in the film. Maaya basically revolves around three main characters played by Harshvardhan Rane, Avanthika Mishra and Sushma Raj. While Avantika character is the one taking the film forward, it is punctuated at right points by the characters of Harshavardhan Rane and Sushma Raj. However except for the main lead character others aren’t etched that properly which results in half-baked and uninteresting performances from them.

Short first half
ESP sequence at the mall

Overall predictability of the plot
Boring screenplay
Needless songs
Outdated making standards


Director Neelakantha was once hailed as a very promising director and his films were keenly awaited. Today with films like Chammak Challo and now Maaya one must say he has dented his credibility big time. The director seems to be attempting at a big commercial success with these films but somehow the final output is far from satisfying. And it’s the commercial elements that are ruining the prospects.

In his better films the commercial aspects of the film fitted well into the narrative without disturbing the overall flow. But in these films it’s sticking out clearly. In comparison to his last film, Maaya is certainly more cohesive but being a suspense thriller it has its share of problems. The film lacks the energy required for the thrillers to work. The ESP sequences could have been shot much better in far engaging manner. The way the ESP visions tie in with the actual narrative in the second half also could have been handled in tighter way keeping us at the edge of the seat. Instead what we get is a loose material rapped around the ESP concept with predictable twist in the end. Add predictability to the slow paced loose narrative, you have a thriller that reaches its end even before the suspense has begun.

Music also is an important factor that could have given major boost to the film. It’s a mixed bag as far as the music is concerned with it working in few parts. Cinematography and editing are underwhelming. Dialogues lack punch.

Bottom-line: Maaya has no Maaya

Rating: 2/5


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