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Pilla Zamindar Movie Review

Pilla Zamindar title does give away what the film is about? Do we think right?
Yes as the title suggests it is a film about Pilla Zamindar.

So the film for sure deals with how this arrogant guy becomes normal and learns responsibilities? Something like Pandem by Jagapathi Babu?
Yes that’s the basic storyline of the film. But here it has a beautiful contemporary twist that’s “borrowed” liberally from a foreign source.

Wow that’s crap then isn’t it? We can tell everything by just looking at the title?
Well then you would be missing all the fun in the movie.

Really, is the film that funny?
Yes we believe the film has got some of the funniest lines one could imagine in the recent times that are straight up comedy and doesn’t appear to be a clone of the by now famous Srinu Vytla brand of comedy.

Now this is interesting, so the film is a comedy?
No the film is not a full on comedy only, it has got nice sentiments in the second hour which gets very heavy in parts.

So the film has the funniest parts as well the most sentimental parts too?
Well yes one could say that the film goes to two extremes in the two halves. But there is a nice message to it too. Also the sentimental parts have some resonance with the reality that’s not a bad thing at all.

Oh wait, from the funniest to the most sentimental to now reality, the film is coming down rather drastically from the entertainment perspective of a common man?
These graphs are well manages with in the screenplay of the film and although it goes to the extremes it still retains an element of humor in all those dips thereby keeping the lighter side alive.

Who are all the comedians present providing all those laughs?
The comedy here is done by a fresh set of people or shall we say the most recent one’s who have arrived on the comic front in Telugu cinema. And they do comedy effortlessly, especially Dhanraj and “Ala Modalaindi” Ramesh. Among the veterans only M.S.Narayana is present but he alternates between comedy and seriousness.

How are the performances from the main lead?
Nani is once again effortless from beginning till the end both in comedy and sentiment scenes. His transformation is superbly portrayed and believable. Watch out for ‘servant’ act during a play.

Heroines have absolutely nothing to do especially Bindu Madhavi, Haripriya is somewhat better compared to her but that’s not saying much.

Among the character actors Rao Ramesh gets an excellent part and he gives a good performance which although is pretty predictable.

The nonstop comedy in the first half makes audience expect similar level of comedy in the second half too but that’s not the case here as the second half gets way too heavy at times and the issues it showcases or the thing that it tries to teach is not multiplex friendly.

How is the direction?
Newcomer G.Ashok does well in his first attempt. But he needs to take care of his story a bit as he tends to stay in the moment be it a comedy or an emotional scene a lot longer loosing focus and digressing from the main plot.

Final conclusion
The film in spite of its heaviness in the second half has a lot of entertainment to offer along with a nice message.

Bottom-line: Watch it

Rating – 3.25/5

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