Nag's Ragada Music Review


Meesamunna starts off in the by now predictable fashion of an S Taman song. The tune has nothing new to offer but it’s good while it lasts. Thanks to spirited rendition by Shankar Mahadevan. Lyrics are written in eulogy of the hero and they are fine, nothing spectacular.

Sirisha Sirisha again kicks off in a very predictable way but is a catchy song. The song sounds very similar to ‘Gore Gore’ from ‘Kick’ due to its arrangements. Once again singers take the center stage and uplift the song. The second interlude is the best part of the song with beautiful and soothing orchestration by Taman. The best song of the album, musically.

Bolo Asta Lakshmi is a typical fast paced mass number that’s generally a must for big stars mass movie. The song depends heavily on the merit of the film to be popular or remembered. As a standalone track its passable that’s about it.

Okkadante Okkade is the kind of song that you listen and immediately say that it’s written for Nagarjuna. The beginning of the song is superb but the interludes are bad. In the end it’s the opening lines with its beat which are repeated through out that stands out.

The rest doesn’t live up to this part hence the length is kept very short to have the impact.

Ragada Ragada follows next which has a heard before feel to it but still makes for a good listen. A song that’s made for Baba Sehgal who expectedly does well singing it. The flute accompanied by beat is addictive and makes you press the repeat button.

Em Pillo, is predictable and routine fare musically. Karthik and Anuradha Sreeram do well to lift this average tune with their rendition. Only good placement and choreography can save it. As a standalone song very average stuff.

On the whole, pretty average album with two good numbers and two decent numbers. The album offers nothing memorable to a common man or to a music lover barring a song. It’s an album for the fans and made to suit their preferences. While that need not be a bad thing as we have seen with Mass but this is no mass.

Rating – 2.75/5

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