Naga Chaitanya's Oka Laila Kosam Movie Review




It is a simple love story where the boy (Naga Chaitanya as Karthik) loves the girl (Pooja Hegde as Nandu) right after seeing her for the first time where as the girl hates the boy right after seeing him from the first time. Circumstances bring them together but the relationship continues to progress in the love hate format. What happens in the end with such pair is the basic storyline of the film.


Naga Chaitanya perfectly fits his part which doesn’t require him to be a super actor and not mouth heavy dialogues. Similarly Pooja Hegde is a perfect fit for the role which doesn’t require her to act but just pout throughout. Together they make a good looking air and that is probably enough, we guess.

The third important character in the film is that of comedian Ali. He is hilarious thanks to the characterization that he has been given. Apart from these three characters the rest of the film is filled with stock characters that we see is family films.


Music and BGM
First Half
Ali & Entertainment


Lazy writing
Second half


Director Vijay Kumar Konda proceeds with Oka Laila Kosam in a similar fashion like his previous film. He takes entire first half to establish the characters and the world they inhabit and in the very beginning of second half he sets up the conflict. The problem lies in the resolution of the conflict as he makes hero repeat the same thing again and again till the pre climax. This part makes one lose interest in the film all together if they are not invested in the emotional aspect of the story. The climax with the little twist, which is predictable by the way, comes too late as one gets an exhausted feeling by then.

Overall the film has a decent first half with comedy of Ali providing the relief. In the second half it loses steam and falters before it again ends on a decent note. The dialogues too are provided by the writer and this is a film which would have felt much better with better writing for sure. This is another weak aspect of the film which brings down the film overall.

Music director Anup Rubens is continuing his good form. He has once again delivered here as well. The songs are good and background score compliments the overall mood and feel of the film well. Cinematography is good, editing could have been better.


Bottom-line: Half tolerable Laila

Rating: 2.5/5


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