100 % Love Movie Review


First things first has Sukumar curbed his over enthusiasm?
Yes, he delivers a clean family film with lot of youthfulness in it.

So, then what’s the film about?
The film is about two characters Balu Mahendra and Mahalakshmi and their bloated egos which don’t let them see what is in front of them.

Haven’t we seen this theme before?
Yes the theme is not new but the execution, the screenplay is as fresh as one can get, reminding one of the director’s debut movie Aarya.

Wow, is it that good?
Well it could have been but it’s not as the second half falters and is very predictable and Naga Chaitanya doesn’t help the cause either.

Didn’t Naga Chaitanya perform well?
Looking at the content and character that was at his disposal one has to say he couldn’t deliver to the extent expected. He was irritating in a lot of sequences which required an energetic act.

How about the heroine?
She performs well and a well defined and written character for her helps a lot. She truly gets 100% where as his partner couldn’t.

So who gets the maximum accolades from the film?
It’s none other than director Sukumar. He controls his over enthusiasm as said above and doesn’t deviate from the main theme and delivers refreshing movie as far as first half goes. In the second half he slips into the family trappings which lead to a lot of predictability. The freshness of the first half is missing in this half of the movie. But even with those predictable moments and proceedings this is Sukumar’s most entertaining film after Aarya.

What about the music and its picturization?
The music by DSP is only enhanced by the choreography which is smoothly integrated into the film.

Final conclusion!
Have no second thoughts go and watch this film, which is the best entertainer of the summer.

Rating: 3.75/5


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