Music Review GAV: Feel Good Album Of The Season



Yuvan Shankar Raja has done very few direct Telugu albums and one could remember all of them barring may be one. The reason for this is simple, all those albums in Telugu have been mighty good. For reasons best known to the music director he has always given good music to direct Telugu films. So the expectations are high and considering the musical taste of Krishna Vamsi it gets even bigger, although his current form brings those expectations down a bit. Let’s see what Govindudu Andari Vadele has in store for us.

After a long time Hariharan is heard as a singer in a big movie, a pleasant surprise which is also a major reason why Neelirangu works. The tune is pretty simple but the singer makes it worthwhile along with lyrics.

Lyricist Srimani (Aaradula Bullet, Aagadu title track) much to the relief keeps Gulabi simple and palpable lyrically. This works well as the lyrics along with singing by Javed Ali makes this number a good listen. The music is peppy and catchy although it would take couple of listens to get used to the way it progresses.

Ra Rakumara is the pick of the album in terms of the lyrics and music. There is a sensual feel that is conveyed beautifully with those elements working well together. The number is superb from the beginning till the end never letting the mood as well as tempo down.

Prati Chota Nake Swagatham, Bavagari Choope and Kokkokodi are all decent numbers at best, musically. The first two numbers are better somewhat due to the lyrics and bit of peppiness in the music.

In the end Govindudu Andari Vadele is far from being a bad album but it isn’t an extraordinary or excellent album either. It is strictly an average album with couple of numbers being really good. However the effect of the album is enhanced as a listener thanks to some external factors, in general, related to the current Telugu music scene that makes this average album feel far better than it actually is.


Our Picks: Neeli Rangu Cheeralona, Gulabi, Ra Rakumara

Rating: 3/5


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