Music Review : Chandamama Kathalu – Makes One Feel Sleepy


Mickey J Mayer burst on the Telugu cinema scene with great promise, a promise which is still unfulfilled for this reviewer. The music director despite doing very few projects is sounding too predictable. Let’s see if the music director has something fresh to offer this time.

“Chandamama Kathalu” begins the album on a predictable note. Musically it feels like a routine Mickey J Mayer song but still the singer along with lyrics makes one stick to the song for a listen or two but beyond that the boredom sets in.

“Devuda” is a fun number to listen to both lyrically and musically.

“Ee Katha” is a song with soft rock/pop sound overall with a classical bit thrown in between. It threatens to scale a high that would make it a memorable number but never quite reaches that level.

“Payaname” has a good feel going about it and that is its saving grace.

Every minute in the album screams predictable but even predictable can be fun too, sometimes, like Life is Beautiful, but that is not the case here though. This feels jaded.

Our picks: Devuda

Rating: 2.5/5

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